Zooba: Free-for-all - Adventure Battle Game

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Zooba: Free-for-all - Adventure Battle Game review

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Zooba is a weird battle royale game that incorporates MOBA rules and lets you control one of about a dozen funny animal fighters, each of them having their own weapons, skills, and abilities.

Gameplay 9/10

The gameplay concept is pretty simple. Zooba combines MOBA gameplay mechanics and its iconic isometric point of view with battle royale rules: the last one standing wins. While it sounds like lots of fun already, Zooba employs this crude, cartoonish style with fighters being funny animals such as sharks and lions. This makes the game feel very light-hearted yet dynamic. Surprisingly, Zooba also has rather deep strategic aspect, so your skill matters, and not only your gear.

The game allows you to choose from more than a dozen funny animals to fight other characters on a shrinking arena. Each of these animals has its own special abilities, and you can find additional gear and bonuses on the battlefield. Winning or matching certain conditions grant you trophies that make your character stronger, so you can survive a little longer. All in all, Zooba has every feature for you to spend a couple of hours with your friends.

Graphics 7/10

Zooba has somewhat simplistic graphics. Even the characters look crude, and the decorations on the battlefield are almost schematic. However, it doesn't make the game look bad, because these simple models and plain textures suit the overall visual style quite well. And the animations are funny, so it really doesn't matter that the graphics are not too realistic.

Sound 7/10

The sound effects are nice, too. They are not too original, but every character makes its own kind of noise, and that makes the game a little more atmospheric. The soundtrack suits the game well, and it supports the quirky atmosphere.

Lasting Appeal 8/10

The game is fun to play, and this fun lasts for a long time. Zooba mixes a fresh approach to its battle royale genre with charismatic charactes and nice visual style, allowing you to master your skill over months of playing.

The Verdict

Deep, dynamic, and overall addictive, Zooba offers one of the most light-hearted views on the battle royale genre. The only real problem is its reliance on in-app purchases that sometimes make money matter more than skill.


  • Interesting concept
  • Dynamic gameplay
  • Lots of characters
  • Original visual style
  • Nice soundtrack


  • Simplistic graphics
  • Relies on IAP too much
  • Minor bugs
Graphics 7
Sound 9
Gameplay 9
Lasting Appeal 8
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