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WhatsApp Messenger review

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One can have a one-to-one chat with anyone by tapping the messaging icon located on the bottom right corner of the interface. One can make groups and chat with more than one contacts all at once.

Apart from chatting, the app also allows sharing media (images & videos), documents, map location and contacts to the individuals or in the group. With WhatsApp messenger, one can also involve in free video calling and voice calling. The app also allows chatting through your desktop or laptop system via its WhatsApp Web function.

There are oodles of other significant features that enhance the communicating experience and take messaging to the next level. Some of these features are marking the important messages with stars, pinning the chats on the top, blocking the spammers, etc. The app respects your privacy with many security features and settings. They all let you control who can see the date and time of your “Last Seen,” “Status Visibility to Limited Contacts,” etc.

Usability 9.5/10

WhatsApp messaging app went viral after its launch. People have been using it for various purposes. With the help of this app, they can easily communicate with others. In case, they have to send an important document for quick review or edit, they can do so with the help of WhatsApp. Most importantly, people use WhatsApp to express their emotions as the app offers hundreds of emoticons.

Though there is a group feature in the app but if a user wishes to broadcast a message to more than one person at the same time without making a group, he/she can do so with the help of broadcast message feature. The status feature is another reason why WhatsApp is the first love of many when it comes to messaging application. People use this feature to set an image or video as their status which lasts for 24 hours. They can also set their display pictures which can be seen by others.

Cross Platform Use 9.5/10

People use WhatsApp on almost every device that they use. It supports smartphones, phablets, tablets, laptops, desktops that run on Android, iOS, and Windows operating system. It also supports MAC OS via its website.

The Verdict

Experience the power of quick and seamless communication through WhatsApp. Whether you wish to merely communicate or exchange certain documents, the interface of the app offers many options to undertake all these operations. With other important functions such as, forming a group, broadcasting a message, changing notification tones, backing up chats, changing font size, etc. WhatsApp revolutionizes the entire concept of messaging with smartphones and make it interesting and engaging.

Communicate with others, share your pictures, location, voice note and much more with the revolution in the free messaging space – WhatsApp Messenger.

Interface and Design 9.00
Key Functions 9.50
Usability 9.50
Cross-platform use 9.50
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