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A great alternative to traditional texting, voice and instant messaging, Viber Messenger is a cross-platform app that is packed with impressive and exciting features and is also available on your PC.

Interface and Design 8/10

Equipped with entertaining features, the Viber Messenger app is a vivid way of expressing yourself effectively. With a wide range of colorful animations, an easy to use menu with clear-cut listing of your contacts and chats, the app gives you stickers, emojis, interactive games, GIF images and more to help you communicate in a fun way, easily accessible on each chat window. The app comes with international texting for free, wherein you can text any listed contact unlimited times. 

Key Functions 8/10

Compared to other messaging platforms, Viber is definitely among the top 5 messengers thanks to its versatile features. These include instant messaging; live video chatting, voice calling, or simple text messaging with cool emojis, animated stickers, images and much more. It gives you the option to group chat with over 200 people at one time. With no need for any sim card, you can utilize its free international calling option directly via the app to call anyone listed in your contacts for free. Instant video messages allow you to capture 30 second videos, while video calls enable face-to-face real time chatting. Featuring superb sound quality and connectivity, you can rest assured your messages, videos etc are safely encrypted. You can also play games and interact better with your friends and family. The app also gives users the opportunity to follow public figure conversations to stay up to date with the celebrity world.

Usability 8/10

The app is extremely simple to utilize and easy to understand and just requires your mobile number to set up an account that is ready to use. With the app you can share different types of data including images, locations, and contacts from your personal contact list, videos, instant video messages, links and much more. Features like emojis, stickers and GIF images, can be easily inserted while chatting, where you get to select from a wide range of colorful vibrant animations. By simply clicking on a contact name, you can send instant messages or videos or even create a group chat from the menu located at the top right hand side of the app. The free calling option can be utilized to call any other viber user without any hassle. 

Cross-platform use 8/10

The Viber Messenger is free to get and compatible with iOS, Windows and Android devices as well as the latest Viber for your Desktop. The size of the app and the version, depends on the device.

The Verdict 

Make calls, send messages and share numerous images, videos and data via the simple yet high functioning Viber Messenger. Loaded with impressive add-ons and features to help enhance your way of expressing yourself, this messaging app can be utilized to send messages and make calls from one Viber messenger to another and to normal mobile phones and landline numbers as well. Available for free across all platforms, the app is unquestionably the perfect alternative for those who are looking for a second medium of communicating.

The Viber Messenger app helps you stay connected with your loved ones across miles, allowing you to freely express yourself with an array of brilliant features. 

Interface and Design 8
Key Functions 8
Usability 8
Cross-platform use 8
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