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Avail all the information in any corner of this world on UC Browser. Embrace safe and secure browsing at blazing fast speeds with Alibaba’s UC Browser – one of the most trusted web browsing apps for Android smartphones. 

Interface and Design - 9/10

The UC Browser’s interface has been designed to allow the user to multitask simultaneously. At the same instant, you can watch your favorite video and browse on your favorite online shop, chat with your friends, etc. 

The design of the UC Browser looks jazzy and classy at the same moment. The developers have kept the design clean and precise. It’s a pleasant experience for the user while browsing on UC Browser. 

Key Functions – 9/10

UC Browser is different from other browsers in various aspects. This is not just a browser; it is a source of unlimited entertainment. The UC Browser has been designed to facilitate ultra fast web browsing. You don’t need to wait for results page to pop on the screen. 
For cricket enthusiasts, Cricket Card feature allows easy access to the live scores, streaming, highlights, and latest news. You don’t need to search for a viable platform for the updated cricket scores. 

Advertisements can ruin your browsing experience. UC Browser has kept this factor in consideration. For this purpose, there is an Ad Block feature that will restrict the ads display on the screen. 

Videos from different categories bind the user for an indefinite period of time. Not only this, you don’t want to ruin the climax due to recurring buffering. UC Browser ensures that the videos stream without any stoppage and delay.

Usability – 9/5

Browsers are meant to accomplish tasks including browsing, video streaming, geting, etc. UC Browser goes a step further by adhering to user experience factor as well. It has kept the considerations of the users in mind. For example, during the night, the Night Mode is activated to allow better visibility. Moreover, it relieves stress on your eyes. 

The optimized and stabilized servers promote faster gets without any delay. Even if the internet speed is slow, UC Browser accelerates the geting speed and saves your precious time. In case of a disconnection, the get resumes from the breakage point. 
As UC Browser compresses data while browsing, this is beneficial for saving internet bandwidth. This also results in faster browsing and video streaming. The dedicated Facebook mode updates the feed instantly. You can browse through the updates without any delay. 

Cross-platform Use – 8/5

Alibaba’s UC Browser is compatible with all the Android smartphones. However, the interface, speed, and functioning are dependent on the type of device. Moreover, Android compatibility also varies with the smartphone. 

The Verdict

Alibaba has adopted an aggressive policy of expanding its customer base. For this, UC Browser is a tool that holds the potential attracts the users. The most highlighted aspect of UC Browser is the intuitive and blazing fast interface. The browser has been developed from the user’s point of view. 
A user wants lag free performance at fast speeds. UC Browser accomplishes this job with ease. To enhance the user experience, UC Browser has integrated Cricket Mode widget, Facebook compatibility, Ad Block feature, and multi tasking mode. 

If you don’t want to restrict yourself to just browsing, UC Browser is the app that deserves a slot in your smartphone. 

Interface and Design 9
Key Functions 9
Usability 9
Cross-platform use 8
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