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Township review

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As you dive in the lap of nature, the whistle of the train breaks your chain of thoughts. As the game progresses and you establish your factories, you get to hear the engines of the machines roaring, sound of mechanical arms at work, a helicopter hovering in the sky, etc. Amidst everything, you never lose the trail of other audio such as a soothing music track in the background, cash counter audio effect, coin sound effect, etc.

Gameplay 9/10

The gameplay is based on the fact “Efforts Leads to Earning.” The game starts with a small farm where you get to sow the seeds, harvest the crops, process your produce and sell the final products to the market. The more you sell, the more you earn “T-Cash.”

Once you have enough of currency in your hand, you can develop and build your own town. You can gradually add restaurants, factories, cinemas, hospitals and other community buildings. Once you earn, you can also involve in trading with other exotic countries in the game. You can collect different animals from different parts of the world and start your own zoo in your town and make earning out of it. Apart from building the town, you also get to decorate it with prominent landmarks such as Statue of Liberty, Big Bang, etc.  

The game also allows you to play with your social media friends by logging in to your Facebook and Google+ accounts.

Lasting Appeal 9.5/10

The game creates an everlasting appeal on the minds of the gamers with its pleasant graphics, melodious music and sound effects. Adding to the charm of the game is the curiosity to find out the progress of the crop, earnings, and status of the building construction. The elements such as factories, schools, etc. are not added instantly but takes its own time and the same encourages the gamers to peek at the game more frequently.

The Verdict

What else could be cooler than to have the freedom to build your own city? Township game offers creative freedom to develop your own virtual world with the help of imperative elements. Once you are done building and inspecting your town, you can even go to your friend’s city to figure out his/her creation. Every level of the game unlocks some or the other things, for instance, the train is unlocked at the 8th level, cargo plane at 17th, etc. The keenness to unlock new features makes the game addictive. 

Though the concept might look and sound old school, the game Township has a strong sense of advancement. It is jam packed with amazingly designed quests, pleasing graphics and bright and friendly look.


  • Distinct and Attractive Visuals
  • Create Community and Clans With Online Friends.


  • Internet Connection is a Must to Play the Game.
Graphics 8.50
Sound 9.50
Gameplay 9.00
Lasting Appeal 9.50
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