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The Sims FreePlay review

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Sound 7/10

When it comes to Sims FreePlay, it is more about building and nurturing a Sim rather than relating the whole of experience with sound. However, the game is not entirely soundless. A soft yet soothing music track always runs in the background. It is pleasing to ears and ensures the focus remains intact on the game. Though this track can be muted by going to the setting. The magic lies in various other sound effects. The Sims chatting sound, dog barking, the traffic, the songs that the Sims play while partying, the sound of oven timer, etc. all fuse to give a real-life experience to the gamers.

Gameplay 9/10

The gameplay of Sims FreePlay is interesting, innovative and cent percent engaging. The game offers you the whole of the town to which you can add houses, businesses and up to 16 Sims. As with other freemium games, the Sims FreePlay has two types of currency that aid you in unlocking major features of the game. 

You can attain special items, abilities and unlock many amazing functionalities by directing your created Sims to garden, watch the news on the television set, etc. 

Note that everything that your Sim does take time. There is no fast forward in the game. So, for instance, if making an apple pie in real life takes an hour, your Sim will take the actual one hour in preparing and making the pie. You can assign a task to your Sim and make money that way. However, to break such a monotony, there is a task generator that keeps the gameplay fresh. It asks your Sim to host a party, go for a movie, etc. While your one Sim is involved in these tasks, you can play with your other Sims meanwhile.
On completion of tasks, you are rewarded with Lifestyle Points which is quite a valuable currency in the game.

Lasting Appeal 9/10

Sims FreePlay is one such game that has an everlasting appeal on its gamers. Because it mirrors the real time, the players are encouraged to switch to the game more often than not to keep an eye on their created Sims. In order to build the city and add more of business, the game currency is indispensable which can be earned only when certain tasks are completed. Completing the tasks assigned by the game acts as a driving force for the gamers and hold them for quite a long time.

The Verdict

The game offers the players an experience to be the Ruler of the town. You can roam freely in the town and undertake, as well as, see things from a perspective never seen before. Customize the attire of your Sims, make them fall in love, get them married, have babies and get to see the entire life phase of the even the newly born. Build homes, businesses and decorate them the way you like. Cuddle and care your pets like you would do in the real life. Rejoice a fun-filled experience of controlling the whole of the city with the Sims FreePlay.

The game is a lure of the Sims and their everyday lives that make gamers to return to the gameplay frequently. The Sims FreePlay is easy-to-understand and offers an amazing control over each and every element of the interface.


  • Huge Improvements in the Games from its Previous Editions
  • More Social Options
  • Excellent Graphics Quality.


  • Task Generator Requires Constant Internet Connection.
Graphics 9.00
Sound 7.00
Gameplay 9.00
Lasting Appeal 9.00
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