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SuperVPN Free VPN Client review

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The SuperVPN Free VPN Client is a convenient software for protecting your online information and ensuring your privacy while using the internet. Having a VPN client like SuperVPN ensures that your confidential files and information stay private and secure and your location will never become available to outside users.

Interface and Design 7/10

The SuperVPN Free VPN Client app is a basic software that makes it simple to connect to your VPN service quickly and securely. The design is clean and neatly laid out for ease of use, and the connection option available from the main page. The app is relatively basic in design but the function of the software is not compromised in any way.

Key Function 9/10

The SuperVPN Free VPN Client is an efficient and intuitive software that ensures that you maintain your privacy while using the internet. SuperVPN ensures that your location, data, online information, activity and browsing history are never made available to hackers or being tracked by an outside party. You should never feel vulnerable while online, and SuperVPN can ensure that you have peace of mind while using the internet. SuperVPN is a free VPN client that hides your geographical location, securely maintains your privacy online, and also gives you access to websites that might be restricted based on your location. With just a simple click you are connected to the VPN client, and you can rest assured that your privacy is being protected.

There is no limit to your VPN’s effectiveness based on your Wi-Fi speed or bandwidth, so connectivity issues will never be a problem. The intuitive SuperVPN software also encrypts all of your activity and traffic reliably and securely, as long as your client is connected. The SuperVPN software is available initially for a 20 day free trial period, however once the paid trial expires, users would have a time limit on their connection, and would have to reconnect after an hour of use. Users can also purchase a paid version of the app which doesn’t require reconnects after every hour of usage.

Usability 10/10

The SuperVPN Free VPN Client allows you to connect to the service with one simple click and gain instant security. Users of all ages and skill levels can access the VPN client, and instantly benefit from a secure VPN connection that keeps all activity secure online.

Cross-Platform Use 8/10

The SecureVPN app is available for Android and iOS devices, however a PC version is also available through the SuperVPN Client for PC app.

The Verdict

The SuperVPN app is an intuitive software that ensures your privacy is protected and your activity is not being tracked online by outer parties or hackers. It is a useful tool for ensuring encryption and safety online, as well as hiding your location and giving you access to location-restricted websites.

Interface and Design 7
Key Functions 9
Usability 10
Cross-platform use 8
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  • Thanks for the review, Emily. I keep a few VPN apps on my device, but Supervpn is my favorite, mainly because of unlimited trial time. Usually, such apps become useless after its trial period and immediately limit your connection or just strike you with the "Buy" button, but not this one. The only complaint I have it lacks the possibility of choosing USA or UK connection manually.
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  • Another great review, Emily. I'm glad I discovered Supar vpn app, that's very convenient. I'm going to travel overseas but I will still need constant access to my business apps. I know that using it with the wrong IP won't be possible so this one is literally my lifesaver. Thanks!
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