Super Mario Run


Super Mario Run review

The new and improved Super Mario game that fans are raving about, has now arrived with the Super Mario Run app for Android and iOS. This new Mario game can be played with only one hand by tapping the device to make your Mario or other characters move, and navigate through entertaining timed courses and worlds. 

Graphics 9/10

The Super Mario Run app is a well-designed game that plays exactly like the Super Mario you know and love, only with one hand side swiping and tapping. Users navigate through stunning graphic worlds for an entertaining game experience on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Gameplay 9/10

The Super Mario Run game for Android and iOS gives users a fast-paced one hand in on the action, with their favorite Super Mario excitement. Users can navigate through the various modes for free, before being asked to purchase the extended paid version of the app. The free levels available are the World Tour, followed by Toad Rally and the Kingdom Builder mode.

Users can get the Super Mario Run app for free, and choose Mario or other Super Mario characters for a fast running frenzy, in a race to collect coins and other objects while trying to reach the end point. The World Tour mode allows users to jump and run through obstacles to try and retrieve Princess Peach and save her from Bowser, and this level is 24 courses long and contains six different worlds before the end. Toad Rally allows users to try and beat ghosts to get to the end of the course, while collecting coins along the road. The downside is that users must be connected to Wi-Fi or data in order to play, and does not include an offline mode. 

The paid version of the game is also highly priced for a game of its kind on the market, but still contains impressive graphics and challenging levels.

Lasting Appeal 9/10

The Super Mario Run app is easy for most users of all ages and skill levels, however the one hand play can be challenging for younger users. There is not much of a learning curve required for non-tech savvy users, as the guidelines and controls are fairly self-explanatory.

The Verdict

Super Mario Run is a well-received game for all Mario fans worldwide, and makes for an entertaining game play experience in both the free and paid versions. The graphically impressive Super Mario Run is an entertaining interface for users of all ages and skill levels, but requires a reliable internet connection for use.


  • Variety of free levels available
  • One hand play makes for a challenging and exciting game
  • Character choices give users more options


  • Requires an internet connection in order to play and no offline version available
  • High price for paid version of the game
Graphics 9
Sound 8
Gameplay 9
Lasting Appeal 9