Subway Surfers


Subway Surfers review

Enjoy the speed and thrill of Subway Surfers as you run, jump, roll, fly, and hover over trains and platforms. Stay ahead of the inspector and his dog while you collect coins, gifts, and other prizes.

Graphics 8/10

The graphics on Subway Surfers is impressively stunning. With colorful and vivid designs, you are truly immersed into a non-stop, free running, action packed game. Based in Miami, Florida, Subway Surfers lets you enjoy realistic animations as you zoom past trains and through tunnels. The colors and graffiti displayed in the game will keep you entertained for hours together. From the clothes to the street art, Subway Surfers have created a visual masterpiece in every way possible.

Sound 7/10

Matching the exhilarating gameplay of Subway Surfers is its heart racing audio. While it is repetitive, the speed of the audio increases as the speed of the gameplay does as well. The additional sounds include sounds when you collect coins or prizes, the sound of the trains as they whizz past you, the inspector and his barking dog, and a number of other sounds that make the game a lot more interesting.

Gameplay 9/10

In Subway Surfers, your objective is not to get caught by the inspector and his dog. You can choose to play as one of three characters - Jake, Tricky, or Fresh - as you run through a train yard with stationary as well as high speed trains coming right at you. The controls are deviously simple and require nothing more than lightening fast reflexes. Swiping up will get your character jumping, while swiping down will get him to roll. A swipe to the left or right will have him changing “lanes” or tracks to the left and right respectively. Double tapping on the character will magically make a hover board appear under his legs. This allows you to surf through the yard easier and cooler. Or find a jetpack and fly over everything while you collect more coins. You mission is simple - don't get caught and collect the maximum number of coins and surprise gifts. Unlock exciting new items and buy new stuff with your collected coins. You can even challenge your friends and see who comes out on top.

Lasting Appeal 9/10

Known as one of the most addictive games available online, Subway Surfers will surely have you reaching for your smartphone whenever you have 10 minutes to spare. The high octane game has taken the world by storm since its introduction and is growing in popularity with every get. Thanks to its fun gameplay, stunning graphics, and lightweight size, Subway Surfers is one of the most played games around the world.

The Verdict

Whether you're in a boring office meeting or stuck in a traffic jam on the way to work, Subway Surfers will give you the freedom to enjoy your spare time with an action packed, adrenaline pumping, insanely addictive endless runner game that has got the whole world jumping, rolling, surfing, and flying. It is a definite “must-have” game for anyone who enjoys a challenge without having to deal with heavy storage consumption.

If you are a person who loves a good challenge, the Subway Surfers is the game for you. Get ready for a high speed chase like you have never seen before.


  • Unending fun
  • Small and lightweight game
  • Entertainment for the whole family
  • Easy controls and good graphics
  • Challenging friends.


  • Lack of levels or stages
  • No choice of audio.
Graphics 8
Sound 7
Gameplay 9
Lasting Appeal 9