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A dynamic running game, Sonic Dash features familiar characters and levels from the world-famous franchise. Jump to avoid obstacles, gather rings, and dash your way through colorful locations.

Gameplay 8/10

All in all, Sonic Dash features the usual running gameplay mechanics. Your character runs across a level that is divided into three parallel tracks, and your job is to avoid obstacles by changing a track or just jumping over. Your main goal is to keep running as long as you can, gathering rings that give various bonuses. The only real innovation is the ability to dash that lets your character run faster for a limited amount of time, destroying obstacles.

The game allows you to choose one of the famous characters from the franchise, including Shadow, Tails, and Sonic himself. However, they don't seem to be that different, and power-ups that you can find across the levels seem to work identically on them. Boss battles make that endless running a bit more interesting, and some bosses require a lot of skill to defeat. But otherwise, the game is not too challenging.

Graphics 8/10

Sonic Dash inherits the overall visual style of the franchise, featuring not only familiar characters or bosses, but also obstacles and even parts of the levels you could have seen in other Sonic games. It's a nice nostalgic touch for every fan of the franchise, and it definitely makes the graphics feel a little more integral. The models are fairly detailed, the animations are great, and it's recommended to play the game on tablets to get even more impressive picture.

Sound 7/10

The soundtrack includes only two different melodies that become really annoying soon, so you will probably want to turn it off altogether after a while. The sound effects, however, are great, and they add a lot of fun to the gameplay.

Lasting Appeal 9/10

While the game doesn't offer you anything truly innovative, it sure is addictive. The gameplay is fun to the point where it becomes mindless, and a variety of bonuses, scores, and missions feels almost overwhelming at times. That makes Sonic Dash a great way to waste some spare time.

The Verdict

Sonic Dash combines the addictive mechanics of running games with landmarks of the Sonic franchise, creating a truly enjoyable game with truly endless potential.


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Familiar characters
  • Great visual style
  • Nice soundtrack.


  • Not too innovative
  • Features IAP.
Graphics 8
Sound 9
Gameplay 8
Lasting Appeal 9
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