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Skype - free IM & video calls review

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Group calls allow for many people to connect from separate remote locations all in the same chat, voice, or video call for free.

Skype-to-Skype calls and calls to phones or landlines are always free as both users have a secure Wi-Fi or data connection, otherwise some charges can apply. Skype also has low rates for calls to landlines and phones around the world, regardless of the receiver’s internet connection. Skype’s instant capture feature allows you to take photos and videos during your call, and embellish them with emojis, text, and fun stickers for a personal touch. The app also allows you to add highlights throughout your day which any of your contacts can view, so you can stay connected even when you aren’t online. You can also comment on your contacts’ highlights, and they will remain available for your followers to view for up to 7 days before they disappear.

Usability 9/10

The Skype app is neatly designed and simple to use for people of all skill levels and backgrounds. Regardless of your age, you can access all of Skype’s calling and chat features in a few simple taps, and the help settings are never too far from view.

Cross-Platform Use 9/10

Skype is readily available for Android, iOS, and Windows OS, so you can benefit from Skype on your PC, smart phone or tablet, and stay connected on any device.

The Verdict

Skype is a leading app of its kind for staying connected to loved ones and friends online, with a globally recognized intuitive software that allows for free video and voice calls and instant messaging on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

Convenient technology to keep you in touch with those you care about, and allow users to enjoy voice, video and chat conversations with ease, right from their device of choice.

Interface and Design 8
Key Functions 9
Usability 9
Cross-platform use 9
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  • Please assist me with downloading Skype, I cant manage on my own, I just need that good old blue icon so I can talk to my daughter, thanks
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  • Hi there, gonna go download skype. Thanks
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  • I’m very happy that I can be connected with my family and friends outside of Greece..Skype is perfect for that,I have seen that on tv how it works,I really like it very much..Congratulations Skype!
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