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Shopkins World is an Android gaming app developed by the Mighty Kingdom. Play mini-games and explore the happening Shopville Street to earn coins. With these coins, unlock your favorite Shopkins such as Kooky Cookie, Apple Blossom, Cheeky Chocolate, etc. 

Graphics 8/10

Graphics are utmost important for an immersive gaming experience. Shopkins World! game developers did a commendable job with respect to the graphics. From the game plays to the shops, everything looks classy and well-organized. 
The proportionate mix of colors adds elegance to the visuals. During the game plays, you will not notice any lags or unusual experiences. The transitions are smooth enough to bound the user for an extended period of time. 

Sound 8/10

As the game concerns with the animated characters from the Shopkins, the requirement of the game is a bubbly and cheerful background music score. The soft and mesmerizing sounds complement the superior graphics of the game. Shopkins World! has the potential of uplifting the mood of the player. 

During the gameplay as you collect the points by completing the activities, the background score will motivate you to continue your journey. The notification sounds are produced at the right moments without any delay. 

Gameplay 8/10

Shopkins has been around you for quite a long time. In the Shopkins World!, you get the opportunity to collect your favorite Shopkins character from Season 1 to 8. Curate your Shopkins collection by indulging in the exciting mini games of Shopkins World! Boast your collection to your friends and feel proud of your achievements. 

As you take a stroll on the Shopville street, you have the opportunity to interact with other Shopkins on the way. During the walk and interaction, you can collect points. Save these to unlock various goodies in the future. 

You can unleash your creativity in 15 fun-filled shops such as the Cake Shop, Stationery Shop, Donut Cart, Candy Shop, and much more. Help the person behind the counter accomplish the tasks and earn points. 

Shopkins World! is filled with numerous mini-games set against mesmerizing backdrops. You can play these games, and your skills and level of engagement will help you in earning coins. These coins can be used to unlock Shopkins in the game. 

Lasting Appeal 8/10

If you are a diehard fan of Shopkins, you will be hooked to this game forever. And this is true for children as they are affectionate towards cute Shopkins. Children love to spend their spare time with the Shopkins. And if you get an intriguing game on Shopkins, it becomes difficult to resist the temptation. 

For teens, youths, and adults; it depends on your preference. If you love Shopkins, you can love this game unconditionally. Even if you are not aware of the Shopkins, you can embrace the game as it has the excitement factor in it. 

The Verdict

Your search for an interesting yet simple game ends here with Shopkins World! You can install this game to fulfill your desire to own Shopkins and spend your leisure time in a quality gaming experience.
If you are not into warfare games, Shopkins World! will be an ideal game for you. The developers have done a commendable job when it comes to graphics and sound. There is numerous game plays that will engage the gamers for quite a long time. 

Dive into the Shopkins World! to play with your favorite Shopkins. Collect points and coins to proceed in the game with more Shopkins by your side.


  • Compatible with Android 4.1 and above Suitable for gamers from all age groups


  • Requires a decent internet connection (3G and above) Advertisements and in-app purchases may disappoint the users
Graphics 8
Sound 8
Gameplay 8
Lasting Appeal 8
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