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It was a hyped mobile game in 2017 and it is popular so far now! Fortnite Mobile brings you as rare as diamonds gaming experience with the support of the PvP-survival mode on your device!

Graphics 10/10

You will hardly feel the difference between the graphics on the mobile version and a PC or a console one. Fortnite Mobile is the AAA level project, so its graphics are simply amazing. The same Pixar-style animation is preserved, that doesn't tend to be bloody even due to the game's violent performance. With the variety of settings, you can also adjust some visual components.

Sound 9/10

Fortnite Mobile has special visual indicators for the sounds of shots and steps, which makes it comfortable to play even without headphones since the opponent can not get close to the player unnoticed. Thus all the shots and movement of opponents is shown visually. In the corresponding place of space appears something like a flash, which becomes more noticeable, depending on remoteness. This is necessary so that on the iPhone and iPad you can play at all without sound - for example, in a public place.

Gameplay 8.5/10

Fortnite Mobile doesn't add anything new to the gameplay. The plot is entirely the same: build your shelter, collect weapons, then fight zombie-like creatures.

There are two modes depending on your mission. In Build & Destroy mode, you will prepare for the fight by boosting your skills and building an appropriate shelter. Gear Up mode is dedicated to the fights with zombies. The better you prepare in the first mode, the more opportunities will open before you in the second. Among your weapons will be different attributes of war such as swords, batons, and others. Obtain new weapons in various missions or buy them in the game store. Play with other online gamers in 100-players PvP mode, which you must already have tried on your PC or a console before.

But let’s pay attention to the PvP mode that has recently become available in the portable version. It is going to be the same 100-players PvP game as before. You will use the same map and the same gameplay which you know in details from PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac. Take your friends in the same boat to gain more pleasure from this gaming experience.

In the nearest future, there will appear an opportunity to play in full cross-platform gaming. The game is powered with the Unreal Engine 4, which is the leading technology in shooters development./p>

Lasting appeal 8.5/10

You can shoot, build, hide anytime and anywhere with Fortnite Mobile. You should agree, that it is like winning a jackpot to have a portable shooter simply on your device. Handy, convenient, and that brings you a bunch of excitement anyway you want it.

The Verdict

If you like creating and destructing, shooting and lurking at the same time, then turn your gaze on Fortnite Mobile. It's a rare opportunity to have a well-developed, stunning in graphics shooter on your phone, So why don't you use it?


  • Immaculate animated graphic
  • PvP mode available from your smartphone
  • Variety of activities available in different game modes.


  • Available only on iOs
  • Not an easy task to manage the controls.
Graphics 10
Sound 9
Gameplay 8.5
Lasting Appeal 8.5
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