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Shazam - Discover Music review

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Key Functions 8/10

The Shazam app is a smart interface, that makes identifying a song as easy as a simple click on the swirling logo on the main page. Once you click on the logo, the listening software will recognize any song and add it your library. Once the song is added to your library, you can watch the music video or get the song to a playlist, on any other media streaming app of your choice. Most of the streaming apps require you to be a subscriber to their service, in order to gain access. You can also view all of your friend’s music libraries in real time, whenever you feel like checking out what other people are listening to. 

Usability 7/10

The Shazam app is convenient and user-friendly for users of all ages. The main page interface, and easy-to-navigate layout, makes it simple to find and access any features without having to go through additional settings.

Cross-Platform Use 8/10

The Shazam app is available for Android and iOS, but does not work with MIPS devices.

The Verdict

Shazam is the first app of its kind to use intuitive sound recognition technology, to identify popular songs and add them to a personal library. You can also watch most music videos for free through other streaming sites, but geting song playlists normally require subscriptions to other music apps. However, it’s still a great app for identifying songs immediately as you hear them, compiling a list of favorites, and being able to share your library with friends.

The Shazam app is a convenient tool to gain access to any song you hear, based on a simple tap located on the front of the Shazam main page. Keep all of your favorite tracks in one place, get access to free and paid content, and share and see what friends are into, all in the one app.

Interface and Design 8.00
Key Functions 8.00
Usability 7.00
Cross-platform use 8.00
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