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Ryanair - Cheapest Fares review

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Key Functions 8/10

Ryanair is known for assisting with the flight booking, and that too at the cheapest rates. But along with this, it aims at delivering a complete package to the traveler. Whether you are traveling for leisure or business purpose, you can accomplish all the bookings on Ryanair flight booking app. 

Search for the flight schedules between destinations in Europe. Ryanair operates in Europe only. You can browse the deals as per your preference. When you confirm your bookings on Ryanair, you will get the mobile boarding pass on your smartphone. You don’t need to put in extra efforts to grab the pass. 

Apart from flight bookings, Ryanair caters to hotel bookings as well. Avail the combinational deals to save your money while traveling. For swift and reliable transportation, you can hire cars as well. Ryanair guarantees minimum car fares. If you wish to purchase a holiday package, you can browse through Ryanair Holidays section. 

Usability 8/10

Most of the travel bookings app boast of the lowest fares on their portal. Ryanair is also one of them but it actually abides by it. A customer is entitled to avail the best possible rates on Ryanair. Whether it's flight bookings, car booking, or accommodation bookings; Ryanair aims at providing the best quality at the lowest tariffs. 

You can intimate about your whereabouts by confirming a check-in via Ryanair app. When it comes to flight bookings, you can select your preferences. If you want to avail an economy or a business class ticket, or if your desire in-flight extras; you can streamline your bookings based on your needs. 

Express Bookings feature utilizes your saved details for faster bookings. Occasionally, Ryanair offers lucrative deals and offers for their esteemed customers. 

Cross-platform Use 9/10

Ryanair travel booking app is compatible with both the Android and iOS devices. The app works smoothly on smartphones integrated with Android 4.2 and above. It doesn’t seem to lag during usage. 

The Verdict

A smart traveler wishes a safe and sound journey. Ryanair assists these travelers by providing all the services on a single interface. Ryanair strives hard to provide customer-oriented services by listing the best deals at the lowest prices. 
It could have accommodated more functions and services. But, it aims to deal with the significant aspects rather than stuffing everything in the app. If you want quick and efficient booking services, Ryanair is the ultimate booking portal for you. 

Make your travel plans without incurring extra expenditure. Install Ryanair to get the best deals on your travel bookings. 

Interface and Design 8
Key Functions 8
Usability 8
Cross-platform use 9
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