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The massive multiplayer location based game, Pokemon Go turned the entire world into nothing but a Pokemon menagerie and every gamer became the master of the cute monsters which are themed in accordance with the area where they appear.

Graphics 9/10

When the optimal augmented reality mode is turned on, it makes the presence of a Pokemon just in front of the eyes. Pokemon Go uses an opaque user interface and it is a well-designed app with regard to the interface. It is available for both the iOS and Android platforms. By making the use of your phone's camera, the game allows you to see the cute Pokemon and collect them to earn points.

Sound 7/10

The Pokemon Go has different soundtracks under Raid Music which is equally dramatic and amazing. The moment the game is opened, the volume of the other audios which were earlier been playing cuts about nearly a half. However, in certain situations, the sound effects and the music of the Pokemon Go game may turn distorted or even delayed. This usually occurs when connected to the Bluetooth audio. This is supposedly an issue with Pokemon Go which requires to be fixed.

Gameplay 8/10

The game makes use of the game player's SmartPhone and GPS. The game resembles of an environment where a wild Pokemon is cropping out on the streets of the real world. While walking around, the players i.e. the trainers, as they are addressed in the game, are greeted with grasses which signal the presence of Pokemon. Walking closer will lead to the appearance of the Pokemon and then you need to tap on them in order to initiate a battle known as Pokebattle.

The players need not necessarily venture out in the real world for capturing or battling the Pokemon as they can be found anywhere; between the sofa or behind the television.

The battles are either the Go battles with the Pokemon or the battles against the Gym Leaders. While battling with the Pokemon, the players are required to play some quick mini games using their fingers to flick the Pokeballs which appears on the screen towards the Pokemon. The balls have a different kind of rings. A green ring represents easily captured Pokemon while a yellow one represents a moderately difficult battle.

Lasting Appeal 8/10

The game encourages the Pokemon crazed players to get outside their home and turn their entire neighborhood into the Pokemon parks. The game involves only a single player who is out to build a huge collection of the cute and little monsters. The Pokemon Go is celebrated as a landmark in the virtual reality gaming space. Right from the heart, the game is indeed a fun to do a thing and this is the reason for its huge popularity.

The Verdict

The game is loved by millennials because it discovers the spirit of exploration. Through the game, the players converge to the landmarks with Pokestops which gives a chance to meet the other fans and enhance their social life. However, Pokemon Go suffers from a handful of issues such as poor signals in certain places, making the response travel at a frustratingly slow speed. Also, it puts great strain on the battery of the phone, compelling you to carry a charger or a battery bank on the go. 

The Pokemon Go is not just another mobile game, but a glimpse into the virtual augmented reality. However, a few updates are required to iron out the kinks being suffered by the game.


  • Alluring design based format Addictive gameplay


  • Extremely buggy and crashes Drains battery and data pack
Graphics 9
Sound 7
Gameplay 8
Lasting Appeal 8
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