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Plants vs. Zombies FREE review

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Take farming to a whole new level with Plants vs. Zombies FREE. This ever so popular game lets you fight off a zombie attack with the help of none other than the plants in your yard.

Graphics 9/10

The Plants vs. Zombies FREE game comes with very playful, yet engaging graphics that make the gameplay even better. Fight your way through various levels and watch the environments change along with the tiny details around it. From swimming pools, to rooftops, to creepy fogs, and more, the Plants vs. Zombies FREE game is filled with stunning colors and realistic physics that have made it one of the most played games online.

Sound 9/10

The Plants vs. Zombies game is filled with superb sound effects and funny sounds that enhance your gaming experience to the maximum. Whether it's your plants shooting at the oncoming zombies or the zombies groaning their way over to your house, the sound effects offer an entertaining match to the gameplay. You can choose to turn off the sound and sound effects from the settings menu or customize your sound options as well.

Gameplay 10/10

The Plants vs. Zombies FREE game is all about the action packed adventure and the game delivers just that - and then some. Use any of the 49 available plants you have in your arsenal including cherry bombs, wall-nuts, peashooters, and so much more. Watch your plants take on the 26 different zombies and keep them from getting to your door. This award winning game has over 50 levels that come with adrenaline pumping intensity. Play in levels like swimming pools, rooftops, and more. Play Adventure Mode and go through the levels or play Survival Mode and fend off zombies - wave after wave. Take on zombies such as pole vaulters, bucketheads, and snorkelers with special attacks designed for each one. Learn about each zombie and their specific skills using the Almanac. Work your way through the levels and collect coins to buy power-ups, pet snails along with 49 other perennials to help you fight the 'not-so-dead’ zombies. Show off your achievements and collect all 46 of them.

Lasting Appeal 9/10

As soon as you play the Plants vs. Zombies FREE, you will realize how addictive it really is. From its amazing graphics to its fun filled gameplay, the game is all about action packed adventure. Watch your plants protect your home from the brain hungry zombies as they shoot their way through the different levels. It comes with a challenging gameplay as well that keeps you interested and coming back for more.

The Verdict

Plants vs. Zombies FREE is definitely a game that you should be playing. As it jumped from a PC game to a mobile game, it has grown into a worldwide sensation and is continuing to capture hearts everywhere. With its energetic challenges and lightweight size, it delivers an unmatched performance when it comes to strategy games. Join the plant army today, shoot your way to the top, and defeat the zombies one attack at a time.

If strategy games are your favorite, Plants vs. Zombies FREE will have you glued to your smartphone for hours together.


  • Creative and enthralling gameplay
  • Fun graphics and beautiful sounds
  • Adventure packed strategy
  • Challenging levels.


  • Expensive in-app purchases
  • Higher levels are quite difficult.
Graphics 9
Sound 9
Gameplay 10
Lasting Appeal 9
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