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Parkmobile - Easy paid parking review

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The app allows you to pay directly by phone using your debit or credit card, and allows you to save your payment information, for ease of access next time you need to find parking. The app alerts you when your time is running out, and you can simply add minutes to your time straight from your phone, without having to walk back to the meter.

The app makes sure you never have to deal with a meter being out of service, because you will have everything you need directly on the Parkmobile app, making street parking simpler than ever. The Parkmobile app not only allows users to pay for parking instantly, it also directs them to the prime parking spot locations nearest to their destination. The highly intuitive GPS software ensures that you never lose your car, because it guides you to your parking space as soon as you’re ready to leave. If you are using a rental or taking a friend’s car, the Parkmobile app allows for you to easily enter the new vehicle into the database, and use your same payment information or another card if you choose.

Usability 9/10

The Parkmobile app is simple to navigate for all users, and the layout makes all of the features easily accessible at a glance. Users can simply tap the options they require, and one touch payments means no more fines for going over their parking limit. Users can also change their settings to customize how they receive notifications.

Cross-Platform Use 8/10

The Parkmobile app is designed for use with Android and iOS software, so you can access the app right from your smart phone on the go.

The Verdict

The Parkmobile app is a convenient tool for making parking a breeze and ensuring you never lose your car again, or risk being ticketed or towed if you go over your time limit. 

Useful service for making simple parking payments directly from your smart phone as well as range of other beneficial features.

Interface and Design 9.00
Key Functions 10.00
Usability 9.00
Cross-platform use 8.00
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