Opera Mini - fast web browser


Opera Mini - fast web browser review

A powerful yet light web browser, Opera Mini allows you to browse online faster and in a much secured way. It saves your data and lets you get multimedia from your favorite website easily.

Interface and Design 9/10

The Opera Mini’s design is fascinating with no clutter at all. The home screen of the app welcomes you with many options located on the top. These allow you to browse the web, search images, read the news, do shopping, etc. These are quick to access without having to go through any website. The setting buttons located at the bottom right corner offers various essential features at well. All in all, the red and white blend on the interface is soothing and the strategic placement of the functions enrich the browsing experience.

Key Functions 9/10

The Opera Mini is one of the most loved browsers in the world owing to a myriad of excellent features. It allows you to keep a track of your data and save it with the help of “high” and “extreme” mode.  The ‘Ad Blocker’ is another function of the app. Get to browse the web without annoying spammers and pop-ups. 

With the help of its video get function, the Opera Mini lets you store online videos on your phone so that you can watch them later. This feature comes handy when there is a video on social media that you need to get. You can multitask without any concern of hang or lag. Also, you can enjoy private browsing without letting the browser save your history.

The Opera Mini smarter get function is another add-on that allows the users to hold the get of larger files until they are back on their Wi-Fi connection.

Usability 9/10

With advancement in technology, the usability of the browsers is not just limited to surfing the web. A user who wishes to read the news, go for shopping, save their favorite sites, etc. can use Opera Mini browser for a seamless web-browsing experience. 

If you wish to get all the multimedia from a particular website, the app lets you do that easily with its ‘auto-scan’ feature. For Facebook admirers, the app has a dedicated notification bar that keeps them updated on any activity or notification from their profile.

The browser is of a great use when you want to sync all your bookmarks, speed dial shortcuts, open tabs across all your other devices that support Opera Mini. 

Cross Platform Use 8/10

The Opera Mini was previously built for OS such as Windows, BlackBerry and Symbian. These versions are still there but not further developed. The developed and updated version of Opera Mini is available for Android and iOS.

The Verdict

Opera Mini is an amazing browser offering outstanding performance since long. With frequent updates from their developers, you experience many new features from time to time. It is secured and save tons of data while browsing. With some smart features such as smart get, speed dial mode, private browsing, etc. it gives a cut throat competition to some of the other available browsers for your smartphone or other devices.

Go for Opera Mini browser and experience fast internet browsing with oodles of features and functionalities.

Interface and Design 9
Key Functions 9
Usability 9
Cross-platform use 8