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A leading provider of subscription services to watch TV series and movies, Netflix, with its mobile application, delivers the best shows watching experience anytime and anywhere.

Interface and Design 9/10

The dark-colored design of the app is pleasing to eyes. Its interface is sorted into different categories, for instance, My List, Top Picks, etc. Once a TV series or movie is selected, it starts to play in the interface itself on the integrated media player. The media player also offers a plenty of options that enhance the series or movie viewing experience.

Key Functions 9.5/10

There are a plenty of significant functions that are imperative for an amazing experience of watching episodes and movies. There are thousands of movie titles, as well as, TV shows that are added to the Netflix server on a regular basis. They can be found out either by scrolling the app down or by using its powerful search function.

On clicking on any of the covers, it takes you to a separate window where it offers you information about the same and furnishes you with its ratings and reviews. The app allows you to either get the file to your phone to be seen later or hit the play button to enjoy it directly from there.

The media player is packed with crucial functions as well. For instance, fast forward or backward, switching on/off the subtitles, volume control, cast screen, etc.

Usability 9.5/10

One can use the app Netflix to watch nearly every genre of TV episodes or movies. There is a mainstream of TV shows and movies along with the Netflix library that constantly updates with new content. Every month, there are certain titles that expire and new ones are added to the library. Right from the indie made disasters to some of the masterpieces, Netflix offers its viewers to choose from a plethora of covers and titles. 

Some of the categories that are available to the users include Sci-fi, animated, horror, documentaries, action, comedy, sitcoms, etc. One can browse through movies and shows under them, then use the app functionalities and media player to watch them at the resolution as per their Internet speed.

Cross Platform Use 9.5/10

Netflix runs on a wide range of devices, platforms and operating systems. It is compatible with web browsers, Android, iOS, Windows OS, Gaming Consoles, Smart Television Sets, and Streaming Media Player.

The Verdict

If boredom ever envelopes you and you find your phone or tablet has run out of games or multimedia, rediscover entertainment with the help of Netflix app. Brimming with a large number of TV shows and movies, the app keeps you entertained and delight you with the different genre of content. The app is easy to install, subscriptions are cheap, easy and safe to purchase, and finding media and playing it is a lot easier.

With heaps of TV series episodes and movies bifurcated into different categories, Netflix is an affordable way that always keeps you entertained.

Interface and Design 9
Key Functions 9.5
Usability 9.5
Cross-platform use 9.5
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