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MyRadar Weather Radar

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Key Functions 9/10

The MyRadar Weather Radar app is an all-in-one weather app that delivers accurate and real-time updates on the situation around the United States. Like traditional weather apps, this also allows users to pinch to zoom into a section of the map. Users can even pan around the country to see what kind of weather other parts are facing. Because the app displays all information in an animated radar, users can check whether rain, snow, or a hurricane is headed towards them or away from them as well as the speed at which it is traveling. Another great feature is the ability to choose the type of view users get - satellite, classic, heat, or HD. Users can customize their experience by turning on/off functions like; Forecast, Temperatures, Warnings, Hurricanes, Clouds, and more. The app also sends notifications and warnings when a hurricane or flash flood is imminent which gives them enough time to alert others and prepare themselves.

Usability 10/10

As mentioned earlier, the MyRadar Weather Radar app is easy to use and comes with a beautifully designed interface. Using the app does not require an in-depth knowledge of complex functions. All you need to do is activate your GPS and choose the kind of readings you prefer as a user. The options and tabs available on the app are straightforward and need nothing more than a tap to switch on or off. In the settings menu, you can customize the app according to what you like and activate push notifications for extreme weather. There is also an option for adding widgets to your home and lock screens so that you get all the information you need without having to go into the app itself. 

Cross Platform Use 9/10

The MyRadar Weather Radar app is freely available on Android devices in the United States. There is also a paid version of the app that is available on both Android and iOS devices.

The Verdict

All-in-all, the MyRadar Weather Radar app is an exceptional weather forecast app that truly delivers on more than one level. With features like hurricane warnings, flash flood alerts, and multiple viewing layers, this app is quite obviously, one to have. Thanks to the extremely detailed mapping solutions and brightly colored radar, users can understand quickly what the weather is like in any part of the country. The animations also help educate the user as to the path and speed of the conditions approaching.
If you live in the United States and in an area that is prone to hurricanes and erratic weather patterns, the MyRadar Weather Radar app is your best option to help you avoid dangerous situations. It is an accurate, user-friendly, and powerful weather app.

Interface and Design 8.00
Key Functions 9.00
Usability 10.00
Cross-platform use 9.00
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