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Monster Legends is a role playing game wherein you fight with the team of monsters to win the challenges and tournaments. Build your own empire to feed and breed the monsters for the battles. Unleash your evil side by recruiting the cruelest monsters in your team. 

Graphics 9/10

Social Point has done a commendable job by developing mind blowing graphics in the game. The user engagement is considerably dependent on the graphics. Hence, while playing Monster Legends, you are bound to witness exhilarating graphics at all times. 
During the battles and tournaments, the special effects elevate the user experience to another level. The monsters deliver deadly attacks on the opponents in the most creative manner. You can use your creativity to develop the world for monsters. The graphics play a significant role in this aspect.

Sound 9/10

The developers ensure that the gaming sounds complement the theme of the game. A perfect music score depicts the evil side of the monsters during the battles. The monster instincts and the distinct sound motivate the player to challenge the opponents. 
When the monsters deliver hard-hitting blows on their opponent, the thumping sound, and the exceptional graphics imparts a realistic feel to the game. Monster Legends is an ideal game to boost your adrenaline rush. 

Gameplay 8/10

Monster Legends is all about challenging other Monster Masters and registering victories over them. Monster Legends gives you an opportunity to build your team of deadly monsters. These monsters have special powers that can devastate the opponent instantly. 
Fight the exciting battles, quests, and fighting games to showcase your skills and strength. You have the opportunity to gather monsters from a collection of more than 400 monsters. You can breed, feed, and train monsters to become deadly beasts. You can breed monsters of different elements. These monsters will have special powers pertaining to that particular element. 

There are limited-time events where you get the opportunity to grab monsters with special powers. As you proceed further in the game by defeating other players, you will earn points and rewards. Keep on winning trophies and accolades to become the Monster Leader.

In the multiplayer gaming mode, you need to play strategically so that your trophies are secured against raids. The defense should be strong enough to beat the opponents. 

Lasting Appeal 9/10

The game is developed to provide a fascinating experience to the players. From battles, tournaments, and challenges to multiplayer gaming modes; you can engage yourself in so many activities. The Team Wars lets you join or start a team that will fight with the opponents.

Not only this, you have the opportunity to construct your own world of monsters. You can develop this world with constructing habitats, ecosystems, etc. Raise your monsters to become the brutal beasts that can destroy the enemy forces with their deadly blows. 

The Verdict

If you are scouting for an action packed game, we highly recommend Monster Legends to you. It’s time to experience superior graphics and captivating sound while you unleash your monster in the game. Team up with your friends to wage battles against the ruthless opponents.

As it is a role playing game, and that too with a multiplayer mode, a player cannot get bored at all. Moreover, every week, a new monster is added in the game. You have numerous options to equip your team with the most deadly monsters. 

Embrace Monster legends to lead the team of monsters against your opponents. It is an intriguing RPG game incorporating excellent graphics. 


  • Splendid Graphics
  • Multiplayer game for enhanced user engagement
  • Regularly Updated


  • In-app purchases are expensive
  • It can be highly addictive
Graphics 9
Sound 9
Gameplay 8
Lasting Appeal 9
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