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Mobizen Screen Recorder review

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Users have all the power and control over their ability to screenshot capture, record, and edit videos from almost any device, for a custom video designed from start to finish. The Mobizen Screen Recorder app is free to use and a breeze to navigate. The app creates the highest quality videos in complete HD quality with 1080P Resolution, and you can also capture sound, voice and face expressions using the ‘Facecam’ function, alongside your screen recorded video. Users can play games and record their own guide, reviews, or tips and tricks, as they play and capture their facial expressions as they do so. Videos can be recorded on your device, or on an SD card to save memory and ensure your processing speed or device performance is not compromised.

The Mobizen Screen Recorder app allows users to edit videos through a wide range of features, including the basics like cut, trim and more. Users can also remove the watermark from videos at no additional cost, and all of the main features like editing, screen capture and recording are also free to use. Users can also create their own customized intro and outro movie clips, and add a custom BGM for even more personalized possibilities. The Mobizen Screen Recorder app also allow for creating video recording without a watermark, on a clean screen in the app’s Clean Recording Mode.

Usability 8/10

The Mobizen Screen Recorder app is user-friendly and fairly straightforward to navigate, with all functions readily accessible from the main page interface. 

Cross-Platform Use 8/10

The Mobizen Screen Recorder app supports use with Android, iOS, and Windows OS, for use with your PC, tablet, or smartphone devices. 

The Verdict

Mobizen Screen Recorder is a reliable interface that is convenient for creating screen recorded videos, fast and effortlessly from your device. Convenient and efficient software to create the highest quality HD videos from your screen quickly and easily, and enjoy a wide range of additional editing options and features.

Interface and Design 7.00
Key Functions 9.00
Usability 8.00
Cross-platform use 8.00
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