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Mobile Strike review

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The background sounds and music is crucial in maintaining the zeal of the game. Mobile Strike music effects complement the game play. When you are bombarding the territories of the enemy, you can feel the thunderous effect of the blows. The synchronization of the sound with the game play is laudable. 
The developers have tried to curate the sound effects in the most realistic manner. This facilitates better user engagement at all levels in the game. 

Gameplay – 8.5/10

Mobile Strike is heavily inclined towards the use of weapons against your enemies. You have to advance further in the game with the assistance of your arsenal. As the terrain varies in the game, different troops are deployed to accomplish the mission. 

Depending on the battlefield, you can deploy the troop with the assault vehicles such as armored tanks, or you can establish the artillery to blow the enemy bunkers. Plan an aerial attack to wipe out the enemies from your territory. Build your base to maintain your troops and weapons. This is crucial to strengthen your position against the enemies. 

Mobile is a massive multiplayer online (MMO) game that gives you an opportunity to form alliances with the elite players in the game. This way, you can plan an overwhelming attack on the enemies. Conquer the territories to expand your influence in the game. Climb up the ladder of success and achieve higher rankings in the defense forces. 

Lasting Appeal – 7/10

Mobile Strike tries to form an instant connection with the player. But this connection lasts for few instances only. The game has splendid graphics and sound, engaging game plays, and multiplayer compatibility. But still, it lacks the essence of a warfare game. 
If you are inclined towards strategic games, you will be glued to this game for quite a long time. It gives you an opportunity to command 4 military tiers comprising of 16 troops equipped with different types of weapons and combat skills.  

The Verdict

Epic War has roped in Arnold Schwarzenegger to brand their MMO game. Along with the splendid gameplay, Mobile Strike will surely attract the users. The gamers will find themselves addicted to the game for quite a long time.
This is because of the alliances and collaborations with other players from around the world. It lets you apply your warfare strategies to defeat your enemies and to climb up the ladder of rankings. 

If warfare and battles are your forte, Mobile Strike gaming app deserves a place in your Android smartphone. Show your bravery by accepting challenges and winning battles in the game. 


  • Superb graphics and music score
  • Compatible with Android 4.0.3 and above
  • Enhances your reasoning and analytical skills.


  • Can be addictive for the hardcore gamers
  • In-app purchases needed to advance further in the game.
Graphics 9.00
Sound 8.50
Gameplay 8.50
Lasting Appeal 7.00
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