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Microsoft PowerPoint lets you make visually stunning presentations with its plenty of special effects, animations and transitions. It also allows you to view and edit .PPT files directly from your phone or compatible device.

Interface and Design 8.5/10

The design of Microsoft PowerPoint is similar to that of its desktop version. However, the ribbon of the app only holds some of the important features and functionalities, thus, keeping it clutter free. The app opens with readymade template options which can be used to make the presentation. The editing mode and presentation mode can be easily accessed with the buttons that have been placed strategically on the app.

Key Functions 9/10

The app offers a plenty of amazing options that can be used to make and deliver outstanding presentations without the need of a desktop or laptop. The home tab of the app has features such as layout and adding a new slide. Both of them are important to finalize the design of the slides and their quantity. 

Further, there is insert function that lets you insert media such as images, videos, audio, etc. With the draw and design functions of the app, one can highlight some important aspects of the slides. One can mark them in a circle or simply draw an arrow to divert the attention of the audience to that element. The various transitions that the app offers blow life to the entire presentation. 

You can preview the slide show and once you are happy with your slides, you can save them in the form of a PPT file in your phone or device. You can also store them on integrated cloud storage such as Dropbox, One Drive, etc.

Usability 9.5/10

The Microsoft PowerPoint is extremely useful when you need to make a presentation but do not have your computer system with you. It can be also used to view the presentation attached in the email. Apart from merely viewing the slides, you can edit them, add text, effects and revamp the whole of it. With this app, you can also put notes and add comments to every single slide in your presentation. One of the amazing features of the app is the ability to take the printouts of the slides. In case, you wish to carry the hardcopy of the slides to your presentation, all you need to do is to go to the file menu, press the print command, pair your printer and get the printouts.

Cross Platform Use 8/10

Microsoft PowerPoint App works smoothly with smartphones, tablets, and phablets that are powered by iOS, Android, as well as, Windows. Also, the interface is compatible with both the portrait and landscape mode of every device. 

The Verdict

Microsoft PowerPoint offers an easy to way to create, view, edit and manage all your presentations at one place. There are many new features, animations and effects that help you make an outstanding impression on the audience and create an everlasting impact. The app is light on your device and with frequent updates, the team of Microsoft ensures that the app stays bug and glitch free.

With Microsoft PowerPoint in your pocket, present your work with confidence and create a lasting impression on your audience.

Interface and Design 8.5
Key Functions 9
Usability 9.5
Cross-platform use 8
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