Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires - Strategy RPG

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Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires - Strategy RPG review

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An innovative mobile MMORPG, Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires combines strategy with role-playing elements to create an endless open-world adventure for you and your friends.

Gameplay 8/10

Belonging formally to the MMORPG genre, Lords Mobile combines its traditional features (such as open world, heavy reliance on social interactions, lots of PvE and PvP content, and so on) with lots of elements coming from the mobile strategies niche. In this game, you control not just a character –  there is an entire kingdom for you to govern and expand. You can base your empire on trade or just exploit your alliances. But there is nothing wrong with clan wars, too.

Actually, despite making you plan your economy in advance and tend to other administrative issues, Lords Mobile retains warfare as the most important and exciting aspect of the game. Its gameplay revolves around recruiting armies and heroes with special skills to conquer other players' kingdoms, defend your own castle, or just fight in the battle arena. You are free to choose your own tactics for battles, and that makes the game twice as deep.

Graphics 5/10

It's surprising to see that the game with so many interesting gameplay features doesn't have much to offer in terms of visual effects. Lords Mobile looks just like any other mobile strategy, featuring the same cartoonish style that gets a bit over-the-top at times, and while it looks nice and smooth, there is nothing truly original to it.

Sound 6/10

The sound effects are nice, but they fail to offer anything really interesting, too. They help the game create its fantasy atmosphere. However, and that's what matters the most for mobile strategies, after all. The soundtrack isn't annoying, and that really helps Lords Mobile to remain interesting.

Lasting Appeal 7/10

Interesting gameplay features and flexible tactics make Lords Mobile almost addictive. However, a game should have original graphics and music to really stand out, and that's what Lords Mobile fails to deliver. That makes it last for a long time – but not for years.

The Verdict

Lords Mobile is an interesting combination of strategies and MMORPG that doesn't really offer too many innovative features. But it's fun, so be sure to try it out if you like mobile strategic games.


  • Deep and diverse gameplay
  • Lots of content and tactics
  • Enjoyable for a long time.


  • Mediocre graphics
  • Occasional bugs
  • In-app purchases.
Graphics 5
Sound 8
Gameplay 8
Lasting Appeal 7
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