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iVMS-4500 review

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iVMS-4500 is mobile client software used for surveillance and recording purposes. Developed by HIKVISION, it is used view the live coverage or recordings from the embedded NVR, DVR, network camera, encoder, decoder, and other types of surveillance camera systems. 

Interface and Design – 7/10

HIKVISION has tried to keep the interface as sober as possible. Initially, it may look a bit confusing. With regular usage, a user will be comfortable in using the app. Don’t expect a dazzling interface and design. While designing the app, the developers have tried to keep it as simple as possible. 
You can toggle between various functions by simply clicking on the tabs integrated at the bottom of the app. All the activities will be displayed on the middle portion of the app. 

Key Functions – 7/10

iVMS-4500 app is used as a medium between the surveillance devices and the users. The functions are just confined to the working of the device. You cannot expect multiple utilities in this app. For proper functioning, HIKVISION recommends a decent internet connection such as 3G, 4G, and others. You can also connect via Wi-Fi network to prevent excessive data usage on cellular networks. 

The most prominent feature of iVMS-4500 is live view. You can view the live happenings on the app interface. This way, you can avail surveillance in your homes, workplace, or anywhere. If the live feature is not enough, you can view the recordings from the saved records. You can keep track of the activities and view them later for reference. 

Play back feature lets you decide to play the video at a particular time. Not only this, you can control the alarm output, along with PTZ control of the PTZ cameras. 

Usability – 6/10

Talking about the usability, you can achieve the purpose of integrating surveillance device with the app. Even if you don’t have the public IP of the device, you can set up a dynamic domain to access the functions of the device. This factor facilitates better connectivity. 

The resolution of the videos is an important parameter. The iVMS-4500 app lets you view the videos in resolutions from 480*800 to 1920*1080. While the former will consume less data, the latter resolution requires excellent data connectivity. 

While the purpose of developing is iVMS-4500 is clear, the compatibility is the major issue. Most of the time, the app doesn’t synchronize with the device. Sometimes, data connectivity poses difficulties in achieving the task of video recording.

Cross-platform Use – 6/10

HIKVISION has developed the iVMS-4500 versions for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. This particular version is compatible with smartphones operating on Android 4.0 and above. It works fine on most of the smartphones of reputed brands. 

The Verdict

While HIKVISION does a commendable job in catering to the surveillance equipment demands, the utility can be enhanced if a stable version of iVMS-4500 will be launched. The app is a utility rather than a choice. If they want to scale their business to the next level, improvising is the only option for them. 
The data connectivity can be dealt by adjusting the resolution, frame rate, and bit rate of the camera. 

iVMS-4500 is a necessity rather than a choice. If you want to utilize the benefits of surveillance device from HIKVISION, install iVMS-4500 on your smartphone. 

Interface and Design 6
Key Functions 6
Usability 7
Cross-platform use 7
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