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imo free video calls and chat review

An instant messaging app created by the team of, imo lets you connect with your friends, relatives, colleagues and other acquaintances with text messages and through voice/video calls.

Interface and Design 8/10

The team of has done a pretty decent job for the interface and design of its imo app. The app is basic, light and quite smooth to operate. With its light nature, the app does not lag during its usage. Also, it does not hang or slow down the phone with any of its operations.  The user interface has been built strategically as well. Due to the presence of only two panes i.e. Chats and Contacts, you get into the chatting or video/voice call mode with minimum touches.

Key Functions 7/10

The imo app installation is quite easy and so is the setting of an account on it. One of the most important functions of the app includes scanning of the existing phone contacts and listing down of those who are already registered on the app. Once the contact list is in front of you, you can establish a connection with anyone of them either through chatting, voice calling or video calling feature. Apart from contacting a single contact, you can even create a group by selecting some of the contacts and have a video call with everyone at the same time. Be it a single chat window or the chat window of a group, the app lets you send media files such as images and video to your contacts. With the functionality to send stickers, the app enhances the overall chatting experience. Those of your contacts who are not on imo, you can invite them by sending an invitation directly from the app.

Usability 8/10

The imo app is used by all those who look forward to connecting with their near and dear ones or professional contacts without spending a penny. All it utilizes is your internet connection to establish a connection with your imo contacts. The app is light and comes handy when there is a need to establish either a voice call or video call with your known ones. The app also lends a helping hand when there is a need to undertake a conference call with your colleagues, subordinates, superiors or your family members. The usability of the app expands when one looks forward to sending any multimedia files to their imo contacts. Whether one operates on a 2G, 3G, 4G or wifi connection, the app works seamlessly at any internet or data pack speed.

Cross Platform Use 8/10

The app is compatible with all the Android devices and all those gadgets that are powered by iOS. Some of these devices are Smartphones, tablets, etc.

The Verdict

While there are a plethora of messaging apps available in the tech-world, imo has successfully established itself as a provider of amazing quality video and voice calls. Owing to the frequent updates, the team of ensures that it keeps any glitches, lag or functionality error at bay. In an endeavor to continuously enhance the call quality, the app delights its user with a superb experience of connecting with their personal and professional acquaintances.

A light and powerful app, imo provides all its users crystal clear voice and video call quality. It helps in establishing a connection with others quickly and without any interference or glitches.

Interface and Design 8
Key Functions 7
Usability 8
Cross-platform use 8


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