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Guitar Tuner Free - GuitarTuna review

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Key Functions 10/10

Considered as one among the most popular guitar tuners available, the GuitarTuna app works efficiently with electric and acoustic guitars and other string instruments like the bass, cello, fiddle, ukele, banjo and much more. With an array of different tuning sets available, you can select from the one that works best for you to help enhance your melody. Featuring clear clarity and high quality sound, it comes with some basic and useful functions. These functions include a metronome that allows you to change the tempo and beat, helping you to increase your speed while playing,  6 different practice games to help you master various challenging chords so you can distinguish them by ear, special chord animations to allow you to recognize what it looks like on the guitar fret and how it would sound, and 4 in-built songs with notations that you can play along to assist you in enhancing your guitar skills. It also comes equipped with the latest noise cancelling technology to help you learn better even in noisy areas.

Usability 9/10

Convenient and reliable, the GuitarTuna app is extremely handy and does not require any cables or added devices to perform. Simple to use and highly functional, you can tune your guitar or any other instrument with strings, within minutes thanks to its easy to understand features and User Interface. When tuning your guitar you would see the head of your guitar along with turning knobs and strings, each string representing a different letter, being chords. On the left hand side, you will notice a graph. On picking each string, you will see a red or green line on the graph. The red line represents an un-tuned string whereas a green line says it’s on key, so you can move on to the next string.

Cross-platform use 9/10

The GuitarTuna app is free to get and compatible with all Android devices including smart phones and tablets. However its size, version and compatibility vary according to the device it is installed on. 

The Verdict 

Improve your guitar skills with the new and improved GuitarTuna app. Loaded with all the necessary features and functions that you need to efficiently learn chords, tabs and increase your speed and tempo, this app helps you to easily distinguish between various chords according to what they look like on the guitar fret and what they sound like to the ear. The basic features of the app are free and enough to assist a beginner enhance his skills and techniques.  

The GuitarTuna app is the most reliable online tuning program that is loaded with great features, is accurate and works as a teacher for beginners.

Interface and Design 9.00
Key Functions 10.00
Usability 9.00
Cross-platform use 9.00
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