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The all-new Great Clips Online Check-in Android app is a new generation smartphone app where you can easily check-in into any of the Great Clips hairs salons nearby your location. 

Interface and Design – 8/10

The android app is easy to use hair salon app offered by the great clips hair salon where you can easily browse through the list of Great Clips hair salons and check-in according to your time feasibility.
Great Clips Online Check-in believes in delivering accurate information and nothing else. The app interface is crisp and intuitive. A user can easily navigate through the app to accomplish the task. Goodbye to those tedious hours at the salon, waiting for your turn to arrive. 

Key Functions – 8/10

The Great Clips Online Check-in android app comes with an easy to use check in navigation link on your smartphone screen which enables you to browse the list of available great clips hair salons in the nearby areas. You do not need to wait for your turn to arrive at the hair salon. Simply, go to the app and take the cursor to the slot available hair salon at your ease.

When you launch the app on your mobile device, you would see a blue button. You need to tap on the button and it will take you to the digital map where you will find the list of great clips hair salons. Every hair salon option will also show the estimated waiting time for your convenience. The added advantage of this app is that you can also find the hair salon by mentioning the postal code or the city name in the advanced search option.

Usability - 7/10

Great Clips Online Check-in Android app gives you the leverage to search and select from the list of available hair salons offered to you by Great Clips. All you need to do is select an outlet and fill up your details such as your name, contact number and the number of attendees.

The check-in can be done based on your time feasibility as well as according to the estimated waiting time. The latest version of the app is user-friendly. The app lets you decide as to where you wish to check-in and the time slots where you can book a lot for yourself.

Great Clips Online Check-in Android app is a major breakthrough for the users who used to go and wait for long hours in the hair salon to get their hair done.

Cross-platform Use - 8/10

On account of the recent software update 4.0.1, the Great Clips Online Check-in Android app is compatible with almost all the android devices. However, the app functionality may vary from device to device.

The Verdict

The Great Clips Online Check-in app is a revamped avatar of the previously manufactured Android app. With the application of the latest methodologies introduced, the Great Clips Online Check-in app is an attempt to assist the Android users with pre-booking hair salon time slots.
The app is not confined to taking down pre-bookings but also to make the users familiar with the iconic branding of the Great Clips hair salon outlets.

The Great Clips Online Check-in is a convenient Android app that lets its users search and select feasible time slots with any one of the Great Clips hair salons.

Interface and Design 8
Key Functions 8
Usability 7
Cross-platform use 8
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