Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas review

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The sound effects are also remarkably accurate to real-life examples. So, whether you're running, driving, riding, shooting, or anything else, you get the best audio assistance throughout. Want to enjoy your favourite tunes while you drive a stolen car? Just turn on the radio and skip through stations to find your favorite genre. You can also disable sound effects and sound from the settings if needed.

Gameplay 9/10

When you dive into the world of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, you immediately get engulfed into its awesomeness. You become Carl Johnson who is back in his hometown to clean up the streets, avenge his murdered mother, and save his friends from destruction. As you make your way around San Andreas and the three cities within it - San Fierro, Los Santos, and Las Venturas - you can earn cash, upgrade your style, buy new weapons and vehicles, try some crazy stunts, and so much more. Controls are easy to master and are extremely customizable. You can even control the movement of the camera to enjoy a more suitable view. Thanks to its open-world features, you can enjoy endless hours of no holds barred entertainment. Or, if you choose, you can complete the missions and get through the game with over 70 hours of action packed thrills. Missions get harder as you get deeper into the game. Whatever your game style, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has a little something for everyone.

Lasting Appeal 9/10

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is, by far, one of the most addictive mobile games found online. Once you start, there is no going back. The game will leave you wanting more every day and while you try to complete the missions and the game, you will find yourself being tempted to drift away from the norm and go a little wild. The game is filled with challenging tricks and daredevil stunts that get you special rewards if successfully completed and will draw you in even more.

The Verdict

If there was ever a game that attracted the masses of online mobile players, it has to be Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. From the very graphics to the unputdownable gameplay, this game will have you reaching for your phone whenever you have some spare time. If you are an avid player and are looking for a game that delivers on what it promises, plus a whole lot more, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is, no doubt, the best option for you.

Get Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas today and relive one of the best PC games ever - on your mobile device.


  • Immersive gameplay
  • User-friendly and customizable controls
  • Stunning graphics and brilliant sound.


  • Expensive to buy
  • Can be buggy at times.
Graphics 10
Sound 8
Gameplay 9
Lasting Appeal 9
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