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The app offers content in more than five languages and a user can choose any of these languages to see the shows accordingly. Once the language has been selected, the user is offered four major options which are based on the type of content.

There is a LIVE TV function that displays all the Live shows and programs going on at that moment is time. The radio feature of the app lets anyone listen to the local, as well as, international radio stations with the help of Internet connection. The app lists hundreds of TV series when the “TV Series” function is selected. However, the app displays the channels’ names first before listing down the shows. With the help of its Movies functions, one gets an access to a large number of classic and recently released movies.

The choice of “Video” and “Audio Only” is another great function that tags along once a channel has been selected to view its content. GLWiZ also offers ‘On Demand’ function which the users can use and order any content that they wish to see. 

Usability 9.5/10

The state-of-the-art application, GLWiZ, helps the Afghan, Assyrian, Kurdish, Persian, Kurdish, Chinese, etc. speaking communities to stay entertained anytime and anywhere with a simple interface. The app is a rich source of musical, cultural and educational content that cater to the different TV viewing needs of different people. 

Apart from its use to connect to TV channels and Radio stations, many use it to know the launch of any new TV series or release of any new movie. On tapping on any show or movie, the app furnishes you with information such as show’s rating, cast, genre, etc.
With its “Add to Favorite” feature, the users can utilize the app to save their most watched channels and most heard radio stations all at one place. 

Cross Platform Use 9/10

The app works well on Android devices and devices supported by iOS.  GLWiZ is also compatible with GLBoxHD Set-top box and SMART TV.

The Verdict

GLWiZ is a simple yet useful app that lets you watch multi-cultural TV programs. It also has more than 10,000 hours of movies in different languages that keep boredom at bay. The installation of the app is quick and the language can be set in just a touch. The team of Goldline Telemanagement keeps updating the app frequently so as to keep the app bugs and glitches free. With GLWiZ in your phone, you can carry your TV anywhere, anytime.

With GLWiZ in your pocket, keep yourself entertained with TV series and movies and stay abreast on the latest happening with the news channels and radio stations.

Interface and Design 8.50
Key Functions 9.00
Usability 9.50
Cross-platform use 9.00
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