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GasBuddy: Find Cheap Gas review

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There is also an inbuilt feature filter option in the app which allows you to filter gas station on the basis of brand, price, locations and amenities, for instance, restaurants, car washing facility, car repair facility, restrooms, etc.

The community of GasBuddy app keeps on updating every gas station with ratings and new reviews. All these reviews help in finalizing a station. In order to attract more and more audience to use the app, there is a daily drawing function integrated into the app. This is a lucky draw function that allows users to daily enter in the drawing competition and stand a chance to win a whopping $100 in free gas.

Usability 8/10

The app comes handy when its users look forward to saving on their gas expenditures. When you join GasBuddy, you get to save 15c per gallon of gas and 5 cents on every gallon on every fill-up afterwards. GasBuddy keeps a record of every gas transaction that you undertake after your registration on the app. You can use the app to read the reviews of a gas station or utilize it to know about any hike in the price of the gas.

The app, apart from its use as a gas expenditure saver, helps you find deals and discounts offered by any of the local convenience stores located near you. GasBuddy also lets you earn achievements when you complete daily, weekly or monthly challenges.

Cross Platform Use 8.5/10

The GasBuddy app works smooth and fine on the gadgets and smart devices supported by Android, iOS and Windows.

The Verdict

The GasBuddy is a helpful app that enables you to save a lot on your gas expenditure. It lets you locate gas stations in remote areas and know about the quality of the service that they offer. The community add-on of the app alerts you in the case of any price hike. Also, the rating and reviewing feature of GasBuddy helps you finalize a gas station and leverage its quality services for your vehicle.

The GasBuddy is a great app that lets you locate a gas station near you and help you save as you refuel your vehicle.

Interface and Design 8.00
Key Functions 8.50
Usability 8.00
Cross-platform use 8.50
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