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The FreeFlight Pro App gives users the power to fly their parrot drones directly from their tablet or smartphone device for free. Users also get access to a wide variety of bonus features and advanced settings.

Interface and Design 9/10

The FreeFlight Pro app has an intuitive and advanced design, that gives users to the power and full control of their drone right from their device’s main screen. The app is clean, reliable, and easy to navigate and fly your drone while swiping  your screen to control different aerial effects.

Key Functions 9/10

The FreeFlight Pro app is designed for use with Parrot model drones, and users can control their drone using their tablet or smart phone with only a few simple swipes, in order to perform basic and advanced aerial techniques. The app is completely free, simple, and quick to get, and no additional set-up is required to get it up and running. The app lets you do so much more than just a basic remote control, and gives users access to more advanced techniques and options.

The app works in conjunction with Bebop 2, Disco drone, and Parrot Bebop devices. The intuitive software gives the FreeFlight Pro app simple touch-controlled functions, which are easy to navigate for newbie users as well as advanced drone pilots. Users can customize the interface of the app to match your status as either beginner or advanced. Seasoned pilots can also connect their Parrot Skycontroller 2 to the FreeFlight Pro app for even more advanced functions. Users can also use Parrot Cockpitglasses in First Person View for an interactive experience that makes you feel like you’re really flying. The app contains a high quality of photo and video quality in HD with 1080p video resolution. Users can capture photos as they fly for exciting shots of the action. The time-lapse feature ensures that you can take scheduled photos that provide a play by play photo log of the flight. The app allows for streaming in real-time on your device, so you won’t miss any part of the flight.

Usability 8/10

The Free Flight Pro app is a breeze to use for people of all ages and skill levels, and the accessible main page functions means that users can perform a variety of aerial functions all in one place. Users simply get and go, without having to go through a lengthy set-up process or step-by-step guide.

Cross-Platform Use 7/10

The FreeFlight Pro app is supported for use with Android and iOS devices so that users can get the app on their tablet or smart phone quickly and easily.

The Verdict

The FreeFlight Pro app makes it easy to connect your device to your drone and put yourself in the pilot seat. It is a convenient tool for connecting your drone to your smart device and being able to control the aerial effects with a few simple swipes.

Interface and Design 9
Key Functions 9
Usability 8
Cross-platform use 7
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