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Facebook review

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Key Functions 9/10

The Facebook app is a bundle of some of the brilliant functions that enhance your connectivity and help you share your memories with your friends. The status bar that rests on the top of the app lets you update your friends about your status which ranges from single, married, to getting a new job, etc. You can also share your status with the help of images, videos, and check-in (to any place).
Revolutionizing the way people connect with their loved ones, Facebook now offers an innovative and a powerful feature called “LIVE.” With the help of this function, you can share your thoughts on a real-time basis with others. Also, with the help of comments, you can engage with those who are watching your live feed.

Other than your personal profile, the app lets you create and manage your business page seamlessly with many other helpful features and functions.

Usability 9/10

“Connecting” and “Networking” are the two terms that perfectly summarize the usability of the app. The app lets you build community through its page feature. You can have a public community or a private one. Also, the app comes handy when you need to update your friends about any recent happening of your life, for instance, your marriage, job change, promotion, residential change, etc. 
The app is also used for engagement. You can engage with those in your friend’s list with the help of commenting, sharing or reacting on the post.

If you have a friend list brimming with friends and you have liked a plenty of brand pages, the app lets you prioritize the content that you see first on your news feed. Thus, with the Facebook app, you can set your preference as per your liking.

Cross Platform Use 9/10

The app works seamlessly on devices and gadgets that are powered by iOS, Android, and even Windows. The website version of Facebook can be accessed from any personal computer or laptop with an internet connection.

The Verdict

The Facebook App is a great tool that bridges the gap between you and your loved ones/professional contacts with a plenty of connectivity features. Right from chatting, playing games with your friends and tagging them on various posts, the app enables you to undertake everything that strengthens your bond with your contacts. The company also frequently updates the app so as to make it secure and keep any glitches at bay.

Facebook revolutionized the way people used to connect to their known ones in the online space, and its app is no different. With oodles of innovative connectivity features, the app takes the engagement with other to a next level. 

Interface and Design 8.50
Key Functions 9.00
Usability 9.00
Cross-platform use 9.00
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