ElfYourself by Office Depot


ElfYourself by Office Depot review

An entertainment app, ElfYourself has been designed by Magic Mirror LLC. It makes you the star of a customized video by letting you click your own photo and feature it on dancing elves.

Interface and Design 8/10

In terms of its design and user-interface, ElfYourself is pleasing and eye catching. With merely four basic options, the app is easy-to-understand and operate. Once your picture has been clicked, the app allows you to have a look at the preview by adjusting your face over that of the elf. The color palette of the app is soothing and buttons are wide and placed at a good distance from each other, thus, eliminating the hassles of missing the touch.

Key Functions 8.5/10

ElfYourself has a great potential of amusement. It allows you make up to five elves using either your photos from the gallery or by letting you click picture from your device’s camera. You can even choose an image or personal picture from your Facebook account. 
Once the image has been selected, you can zoom and rotate it in order to make it an exact fit on the elf’s face. You can even save your image(s) in the “My Faces” library for using it in the future. One of the interesting functions of the app includes choosing a dancing, surfing and singing style of your elf. After adjusting the image, you get to choose from dances such as Hip Hop Shop, Secret Santa, Chrismukkah, etc.

The sharing functionality of ElfYourself lets the user share their created video on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Also, with a quick click, you can post the video on your friend’s Facebook wall. 

Usability 8/10

The app, ElfYourself, is based on the concept of wishing others on the Holiday season in an amusing yet engaging way. Once you are done with uploading/clicking pictures, finalizing a dance theme and creating an elf video, the app lets you add greeting message to it.
After you are done framing and editing the greeting message, the app lets you share the same with your friends and family over email or social media. The resolution of the video is simply brilliant and so is the quality of sound. Apart from the Holiday season, the app comes handy in wishing others on their special occasions and events.

Cross Platform Use 9/10

The app works across all the gadgets and devices powered by iOS and Android 4.1 or up. With easy and lite features and functions, the app does not lag or hang the device.

The Verdict

What launched in the year 2006 as a Holiday season advertising campaign went on to become one of the most engaging ways to keep one entertained. Right from its quick installation process to light nature and easy-to-understand features, the app manifolds the amusement quotient of wishing someone on the Holiday season by leaps and bounds.

With ElfYourself, click your picture/upload it from your device, adjust, and sway to the beats of mesmerizing melodies as an elf. Greet someone on a joyous occasion in an entertaining and embarrassing way!

Interface and Design 8
Key Functions 8.5
Usability 8
Cross-platform use 9