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Fantasize an imaginary world of dragons of different hypothetical breeds – welcome to the Dragon City Android gaming app. Become the Dragon Master by defeating your competitors on a one-on-one bout between the dragons. 

Graphics 9.5/10

An immersive graphic experience is necessary to stimulate the senses. The developers of the Dragon City have emphasized on this aspect. The game boasts rich graphics with emphasis on each and every detail. 
The vibrant ecosystems and habitats, dragons with intriguing visual experience, depict the strenuous efforts of the designing team. During the game, you will witness smooth transitions and flow. Dragon City does a commendable job in the graphics segment. 

Sound  8/10

In fights and bouts, you expect thumping sound that elevates your heart beat. In contrast to this assumption, Dragon City game sounds complement the game modes. As the game advances, you can feel the elevation in the frequency. 

The gaming sounds will not distract the players. Instead, it will facilitate better user engagement during the fights. Both the graphics and the sounds are perfectly synced to impart an enthralling gaming experience. 

Gameplay 8/10

Dragon City game has two aspects associated with it – challenges and tournaments, and constructing your own Dragon City. Besides these, you can breed dragons and collect dragons from different events as well. 

You can challenge other players or Dragon Masters from around the globe. Display your might by defeating them in the challenges and tournaments. Unleash your dragons that will create wrath and havoc, and help you garner precious points to become the Dragon Master. 

Show your creativity by building a beautiful Dragon City with buildings, farms, habitats, and other infrastructure. This will be the place where your baby dragons will evolve into beasts, ready to take the opponent in the battle. 
To populate the Dragon City, you need to breed the dragons. Discover new species or breeds by cross-breeding dragons. This will create hybrid dragons made from elements like Fire, Nature, War, Legend, and so on. Participate in events to obtain dragons. There are more than 500 dragons in the game for you to discover. 

Lasting Appeal 8/10

Dragon City does create a lasting impression on the player. Once you embrace the game, you will be hooked forever. The exciting game levels, fascinating graphics, and a chance to build your own city enhance the user engagement. 
You can collect over 100+ dragons and use them to win the challenges. When you advance further in the game, you will be keen on building the Dragon City. You can develop the infrastructure as per your imagination to create a fantasy world.

The Verdict

Dragon City is a phenomenal Android game that delivers a rich gaming experience to the players. The developers have stressed upon even the minute aspects to deliver a complete entertainment package. 
The user engagement is enhanced when you compete against other players to become the Dragon Master. As you proceed in the game, you discover something new that keeps you engaged. Dragon City game incorporates a social network wherein you can visit your friends and help them out. 

Dragon City is an exciting game to discover the world of dragons and use your imagination to build a fantasy world. 


  • Log in with Facebook enables you to save and resume your game from different devices Compatible with Android 4.0.3 and above


  • A lot of advertisements and in-app purchases You need to rake in your friends to advance in the game
Graphics 9.5
Sound 8
Gameplay 8
Lasting Appeal 8
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  • Nice review, Emily! It seems you really enjoyed this game, I love it too! I guess you played it a lot and maybe you know how to get free gems in dragon city? I need just a few more crystal to upgrade my farm.
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  • Thanks for the review! I have been playing this game for almost a year and it is getting better and better with every update. But how to download dragon city on pc? I'm tired to play it on my smartphone's small screen and want to continue playing on my computer.
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