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With Cooking Fever game installed on your phone, you choose your destiny in the kitchen. Cook lip-smacking meals and desserts from almost every country in the world in this amazing time-management game.

Graphics 8/10

Branding the game as the eye candy won’t be untrue. Cooking Fever has appealing graphics that pleases the eyes of the gamers. The characters (customers) are amazingly designed and so are the 19 unique locations that always remain in the backdrop of the game. A cooking game is not justified with poorly executed food design, thus, Cooking Fever has excellently designed food items, dishes, ingredients, desserts and even utensils that offer a rich look to the gameplay.

Sound 8.5/10

While selecting the challenges from the main menu (which is an eagle-eye view of the whole town), there is a mesmerizing melody that goes on in the background. Once the challenge has been selected and when the game starts, the music changes suddenly but not abruptly. Once in the restaurant (the play mode), you get to hear a plenty of sound effects, for instance, the sound of dishes, utensils, whistle of the pressure cooker, steam, etc. All these effects give a real feel of being in the kitchen. The chink of the coins, the “satisfying” sound made by the customers after receiving their order, etc. are other sound effects that enrich the experience to play Cooking Fever.

Gameplay 8/10 

The Cooking Fever game helps you practice your cooking skills in a variety of settings and cooking techniques. There are 19 unique restaurants cum arenaswhere you get to cook everything from fast food, main course to desserts. Some of these arenas are Oyster Bar, Oriental restaurants, etc. 
As you play the game, customers keep on popping up in front of you from every direction. The timer starts right from the beginning of the game and you need to deliver the food items and dishes ordered by the customers in the given time span. On completion of every order, the customers pay you in the form of coins which you can use to upgrade your kitchen appliances, decorate your restaurant and undertake much more.

As you stand behind the kitchen counter, you are given more than hundred ingredients to cook dishes for your customers. You can also utilize all your kitchen appliances to cook freebies such as cookies, cupcakes, etc.

Lasting Appeal 9.5/10

There are more than 400 dishes to prepare in more than 300 levels. Every level has its own thrill and fun. All of them combined make the game addictive for the players. The time bound levels add icing on the cake by challenging the gamers to serve all the customers in a given time limit. Above all, once you allow the game to access your location, the game offers region specific offers in the game. All these features and functionalities make a long lasting appeal for the gamers and urge them to come to the game frequently.

The Verdict

With fresh content and strategic components, the Cooking Fever game allows you to cook in style in your own restaurant. You get to serve customers, pamper their taste buds and earn money in return. Once you get past the tutorial levels, you get into the actual action mode where your rhythm and micro-management skills are put to test. With great control and a plenty of interactive elements, Cooking Fever is an amazing addition to your game apps portfolio.

If you are looking for a simple and fun-filled cooking game, Cooking Fever is what you should try. It has superb graphics and addictive gameplay.


  • Content of the Game Suitable for Everyone
  • Different Challenges in Different Levels.


  • In-App Purchase to Improve Equipment Quickly.
Graphics 8
Sound 8.5
Gameplay 8
Lasting Appeal 9
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