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Coin Master is a fun casual game in which you explore different fantasy worlds, build your village, and gather valuable loot by spinning the wheel of fortune.

Gameplay 5/10

The gameplay is based on spinning the so-called wheel of fortune that can award you with all sorts of bonuses, including coins, shields, and other prizes. While many modern casual games have these gambling mechanics that aim to make you hooked, Coin Master doesn't even bother to disguise it or make it less repetitive. Almost every action in the game requires spinning the wheel, and the amount of spins available is limited.

You can get additional spins by playing the game every day – or just by spending real money. These mechanics make Coin Master really addictive, but not in a good sense. There's almost no features in the game besides the wheel, and the raiding system doesn't make it much better. You can also gather cards to explore new worlds and trade them with other players. However, this aspect of the game is dominated by spins, too.

Graphics 5/10

The graphics are mediocre in a way that they doesn't offer anything original at all. What we see here is yet another version of that colorful and quirky visual style that is shared by the majority of casual games. Expect to see a lot of adorable little animals that are constantly smiling – and coins, a lot of them. All in all, it should appeal to children, but the game looks just too sugary for an adult.

Sound 6/10

The sound effects are far from being original, too. However, they create a light-hearted atmosphere, and it really helps you concentrate more on positive aspects of the gameplay and less on the eternal wheel spinning. The soundtrack is pleasant yet a little bland, but it doesn't annoy you, and that's the most important thing for a casual game.

Lasting Appeal 4/10

While the game tends to be addictive, and you get hooked pretty soon, you start to see through these colorful curtains after a while. And then you just see how monotonous and rough the gameplay is. A game like this is nice when you have nothing better to do for a couple of hours, but playing it for a couple of months can be degrading.

The Verdict

Simple and addictive, Coin Master prove to become monotonous pretty soon, and then it's all about the amount of money you want to throw in to advance.


  • Nice soundtrack
  • Literally addictive
  • Children like it.


  • Exploitative gameplay
  • Mediocre graphics
  • Pay-to-win model.
Graphics 5
Sound 8
Gameplay 5
Lasting Appeal 4
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