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Clash of Clans review

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If playing strategy games is what pleases you the most, Clash of Clans is here to take your excitement and thrill to a new level. Get to raise a clan and involve in epic wars with millions of players all around the world with this well-thought and executed game.

Graphics 8/10

With an eagle eye view of the game, Clash of Clans boasts of amazing miniature graphics that please the eyes and enhances the experience of playing. Right from cannons, forts, treasure to trees and fire-spitting weapons, everything has been intricately designed and crafted. The levitating effect of the parachute shown with the help of shadow, the glow of lights, the moonlight in the night, etc. are some of the special effects that elevate the graphics quality of the game by leaps and bounds. The barbarians, wizards and various other characters are designed meticulously, and the same can be noticed clearly.

Sound 9/10 

There is a feature to turn off the sound in the game, but then the game is as good as a body without a soul. While strategizing the war and looting other clans, you get to listen to a soundtrack playing in the background. It perfectly complements the fun and stealth part of the game. Apart from the continuous melody, the game consists of various sound effects. It has Inferno tower sound, the sound effect of a hammer beating a metal, fire sound, sound of coins, laughs, shouts, and almost everything that offers the gamer an amazing experience. 

Gameplay 8.5/10

Clash of Clans offers its players an opportunity to connect with others online and build community in the form of a clan. Once a clan has been built, it can be trained to execute an attack on another clan to loot its gold, elixir and dark elixir. In all, there are various currencies that every clan tries to loot from the other clans.

The first currency is gold. More the gold, better is the overall defense system of every clan. It lets the clan build walls, weapons, etc. Second currency is Elixir. Both Elixir and Dark Elixir shields the clan members from the attack of others. It also helps in training the troops and upgrading them. The premium currency of the game is Gems. All the attacks made on other clans are rated on a 3-star scale, and each of them has a maximum limit of three minutes.

The game also has a single player campaign wherein the gamer gets to attack fortified villages of the goblins.

Lasting Appeal 9/10

Unlike other strategy games where the gamers come into a monotonous zone soon, Clash of Clans makes the players quite addicted. The result of the war is perhaps the biggest reason behind the same. To see the conclusion of the attack made last time before exiting the game and to have a look at the construction status of the building, the gamers keep on peeking at the game again and again. All in all, it is quite an engaging and intriguing game that keep people on their toes and create an everlasting appeal.

The Verdict

If strategizing online with other players is what you consider as your game genre, then Clash of Clans is the perfect game for you. Get to build a clan or join one, defend your village against attacks and plan unique battle strategies. All in all, with the brilliant quality of graphics and amazing sound effects, this game glues to your screen and offers a thrilling experience in every single moment of the play.


  • Fun and Easy to Play
  • Highly Tactical
  • Multiplayer and Single Player Mode.


  • Drains Battery and Data Pack Very Fast.
Graphics 8
Sound 9
Gameplay 8.5
Lasting Appeal 9
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