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Google Home review

Efficiently organize, control and set up your Chromecast audio and other Home devices with the new and improved Google Home app. Much more than just the speaker, it allows you to wirelessly access devices connected to Google Home.

Interface and Design 8/10

Although the homepage of the app is packed with an array of various features and functions, you can easily maneuver around and find what you are looking for. The user interface and design is fairly simplified and easy to browse content from different apps. It features two tabs at the top of the screen including a “Watch” tab that shows popular videos etc from different apps that you have selected to cast and a “Discover” tab that gives you information on all the latest recommended apps, when you run out of the ones installed. 

Key Functions 9/10

The Google Home app is an easy to use mobile program that allows you to take control of different devices that are directly linked to the Home device. Offering you a completely personalized experience, you can search and browse through content and stream it directly from your phone onto your TV or any other compatible device. If you own a Chromecast device, with this app you can search for movies, TV shows and enhance your TV screen with stunning images. With the Chromecast audio device, you can synchronize your Google Home to your speakers in different rooms, play your favorite music and enjoy high quality sound in every room. And with all other Google devices, the app allows you to automatically control and manage smart lights, set alarms, locate answers and much more. Including a guest mode, a shopping list, search function to find suitable content and a ton of other commands, the Google home app works as a hands-on assistant for your Google Home device. 

Usability 8/10

The Google Home app is a basic and straightforward program that comes with all its key functions and features on the main page. Without any additional knowledge, you can easily maneuver around the app and select, search and control various devices connected to the Home device effortlessly. The two listed tabs on the top half of the screen provides you with ample information on the latest and most recommended content, while the main menu is accessible through a three line icon located at the top left hand side corner of the screen.  This menu contains all the necessary details and information on what the app can do for you. The list of commands include song requests, music picks, shopping lists and a lot more that you can customize to suit your needs. 

Cross Platform Use 9/10

The Google Home app is free to get and compatible with all Android devices that contain Android 4.0.3 and above operating systems. There are also some features that are not available in various countries. 

The Verdict

If you own a Google Home device, the Google Home app is a must have. It works as an assistant, allowing you to efficiently and convenient manage and control your device effectively on-the-go. You can make changes to your preferences, add and remove various selections, and customize other devices and apps directly from the program. Although the Google Home device is brilliant as it is, utilizing the Google Home app to cast, watch and discover and easily manage other devices, it makes it even better, adding to its high performance and quality. 

The Google Home app is a one-stop assistant, loaded with great functions that would enhance your overall experience if you own a Google Home device or any other compatible device. 

Interface and Design 8
Key Functions 9
Usability 8
Cross-platform use 9


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