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The Chase Mobile app is versatile finance program that allows you to efficiently administer and control your bank account, perform various banking transactions and much more, 24/7, directly from your smart phone.

Interface and Design 9/10

The Chase Mobile app features a minimal yet appealing user interface that is easy to use and well organized. The menu and functions are very straightforward and clearly laid out, so that you can understand the functioning of your bank account without any hassle. The menu lists a variety of frequently used features like transferring of money, paying various bills, check deposits and more. Making deposits and paying bills are uncomplicated; thanks to its clear-cut touch screen tabs and buttons.

Key Functions 10/10

Loaded with a wide range of features, the Chase Mobile app allows you to carry out all the basic functions that take up most of your time, if you visit the bank. Check your balance, view the status of your debit and credit card rewards, check your transaction history including debits and credits, and keep a track of your credit card balance and all activities and transactions. Reliable and secure, you can make various bill payments, including your credit card bill directly from the app. Unlike other banking apps, it allows you to alter pending transactions, send and receive cash, carry out wire transfers and also make deposits with the help of its QuickDeposit feature. What makes this app stand out from the rest is its ability to search and locate nearby ATM and Chase branches with ease. Speaking to a representative of your bank is also a possibility, thanks to the Chase Mobile App.

Usability 9/10

Thanks to its excellent features and functions, the app is easy to comprehend and utilize. By just setting up the app, signing in with your personal records and listing your account you would like to monitor, you are good to go. With constant updates on your account balance and latest transactions, you can closely monitor your bank account directly from the app. It also comes with a reminder feature that allows you to set alerts for any transfers, deposits or changes made to your account so that you don’t miss out on any event. Although the app comes equipped with a useful range of functions, there are some actions that are better carried out at any local branch of your bank, including loans, cash withdrawals and deposits. 

Cross-platform use 10/10

The Chase Mobile app is free to get and available on both iOS and Android devices. For Android devices, the operating system should be 4.4 and above, and for iOS it should be 8.0 and above. 

The Verdict 

One among the best of its kind in terms of functionality and reliability, the Chase Mobile app gives you the opportunity to manage your bank account at the tip of your fingers. From viewing your balance, to paying bills, transferring money, finding ATMs and bank branches and much more, the app also features a simplified user interface with a pleasant design that can be easily understood and utilized by a novice user. 

The Chase Mobile app is a secured online program that is your one-stop solution to all your banking needs.

Interface and Design 10
Key Functions 10
Usability 9
Cross-platform use 10
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