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Cardboard app, as the name suggests, is a recommended app for connecting your Google Cardboard virtual reality headset with your smartphone. Some of the pre-installed demos in the app will help you in confronting the virtual reality (VR) world. 

Interface and Design – 8/10

As the utility of Google Cardboard app is limited, the developers have kept the interface as simple as possible. You can easily navigate through the menu options included in the app. To access VR apps or My Library, you can toggle between the tabs on the top portion of the app interface. 
The design of the Google Cardboard is basic yet elegant. You can witness a sophisticated feel while browsing on the app. 

Key Functions - 8.5/10

The most important function of Google Cardboard app is to give you an idea about the virtual reality. If you are new VR, you should definitely install this app to experience the world in the three-dimensional sphere. The app has various functions so that you can get accustomed to the basic functioning of the virtual reality headsets. 

The Cardboard app lets you have a 3-dimensional view of the Earth with the assistance of Google Earth. Similarly, you can travel to distant locations and experience real-life situations, courtesy Google Cardboard app. My Videos section lets you browse through your video collection and view the videos on Google Cardboard headset. Witness 3D motion in the Arctic Journey, embedded in the Google Cardboard app. 

Apart from these, you can view various VR apps that are compatible with your device and Google Cardboard. Directly install them from the Cardboard app interface. Moreover, sync your Google Cardboard with the device by scanning the barcode printed on the headset. 

Usability – 8.5/10

The usability of the Google Cardboard app is restricted to certain applications. Hence, it cannot be used forever. But if you want a firsthand experience of virtual reality, Google Cardboard is the perfect app for the purpose. 

The Google Cardboard app extracts the data from your device. This data appears on the app interface. Hence, you can easily browse through the applications or your collection of photos, videos, etc and view them on Google Cardboard headset. 

The best usage of Cardboard app is that it lets you access the database of VR apps. Here, you can scout for the perfect app as per your preference. Whether it’s a video playing app or a 3D game; Cardboard app will list all the VR apps. 

Cross-platform Use – 9/10

Google Cardboard is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. This is the reason Google Cardboard app is available for Android smartphones and iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod. 

The Verdict

If you haven’t experienced virtual reality yet, it’s time to purchase a Google Cardboard headset for yourself. There are numerous options available but it is recommended to opt for Google Cardboard. Install Cardboard to explore the virtual 3D world. Discover new apps and embrace new forms of entertainment on Cardboard app. 

Extensive usage may result in dizziness or uncomfortable situations. The children should use it under restrictions. Otherwise, they can become an addict at a young age. 

Install Cardboard app to learn about the basic of virtual reality. Unwind the whole new world of entertainment in the form of virtual reality.

Interface and Design 8
Key Functions 8.5
Usability 8.5
Cross-platform use 9
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