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CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator review

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Get CamScanner today and get ready to perfectly scan, print, share, or save any document within seconds. The app uses your phone camera to transform documents into sharp and clear files.

Interface and Design 7/10

With CamScanner, you will never need an additional scanner around. Just take out your phone and use the camera to capture professional-like documents on-the-go. The app is relatively easy to use and the functions are clearly described. The tabs and features offered are simple to understand and to operate and require no more than a tap to begin scanning. The design and interface are extremely clean and basic which make it one of the best document scanning apps available online.

Key Functions 8/10

Being able to scan documents is just the base at which CamScanner stands. There are numerous other features that give it its No. 1 ranking in the world. The fact that the app uses the device's camera to create picture perfect scans is not only unique, but also incredibly cool. You can scan receipts, invoices, business cards, notes, whiteboard discussions, and so much more all through the lens of your phone's camera. After capturing the document, you can optimize it to your liking by cropping any unwanted portions or by enhancing the graphics and text. Looking for a document you scanned last month? Forget about scrolling through hundreds of files - just search using any keyword related to the document to narrow down your options. You can even extract the texts within documents to customize them. Sharing PDF or JPEG files was never this easy - simply attach it to an email, share it via social media, or share the doc link with friends and family. Print documents instantly by connecting your device to a printer or fax them to over 30 countries directly from your phone.

Usability 9/10

The CamScanner app is extremely easy to use and understand. The commands are basic and features make it simple to operate. The app brings a feature that lets users collaborate with others so that every user can view, edit, and share their thoughts through comments. The app also ensures that all your documents are securely stored on the device or in the cloud behind a registered password. The app can be used on practically any device that it is connected to. So, creating a document on your computer at home and editing it on your smartphone on the way to work is easily achieved. With over 100 million users around the world, CamScanner truly stands out as a user-friendly and powerful app.

Cross Platform Use 10/10

Not only is CamScanner compatible on various devices at the same time, it is supported on various platforms as well. The app works on Android as well as iOS devices perfectly.

The Verdict

All-in-all, the CamScanner app has the capabilities to produce pristine scans of documents and delivers just that. Whether it's a certificate, memo, letter, invoice, identify card, book, or note, the app will make sure your document looks like a professionally scanned page. While the paid version of the app does bring a few added features, the free version contains more than enough to leave you impressed. If you are worried about storage space, the CamScanner app allows you to save your documents to the cloud in services such as Google Drive, Box, Evernote, OneDrive, and Dropbox.

The CamScanner app is a useful app to have on your device is you require instant scanned copies of documents. The features it offers cannot be found on other similar apps which makes it a must-have for anyone.

Interface and Design 7
Key Functions 8
Usability 9
Cross-platform use 10
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