Welcome Fortnite Chapter 2

Two days of total madness that started with Fortnite’s disappearance from online are over. The game is back. Now it offers a new chapter, which promises to be more epic and fabulous.

What Happened?

On Sunday night, Fortnite fans felt what the real despair look like. The map started shrinking, as it used to be before the end of the session, but instead of renewing again, it blew up. All the players that were in Fortnite at the same time were dragged into a scary black hole. They were left in the darkness with no options. This is how two days of silence began.

Good News

Fortnite came back to life two days after this horrible crisis that spooked millions of players across the world. On Tuesday, Fortnite went online. It is hard to describe the emotions that we experienced. Maybe it was a relief. But the relief was quickly changed by the joy from receiving the new chapter of the game. We can’t even stay angry with Epic Games for the sudden outage anymore.

Epic Games have represented the new island and amazing weapons. The trailer that developers released was highly praised by both players and game critics. But you have to check it for yourself.

Fortnite. New Chapter

Fortnite, released in 2017 by Epic Games managed not only to handle on the market for years but became the greatest Battle Royale in history. Even when it was absent from online, over 100 000 players stared into black holes, patiently waiting for the repair. Millions of gamers turned their Fortnite on and off accounts to not miss the game’s return.

The new chapter released was watched by a million players at the same time. YouTube channels that offered the first glance on the new chapter gathered thousands of likes. Hundreds of game reviewers discussed the new island.

Have You Watched the 2nd Chapter?

What do you think about Fortnite 2 Chapter? Do you like it? Have you already checked it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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