StarCraft Ghost Xbox Build Leaked Online After Years of Waiting

StarCraft Ghost is a game that a lot of players heard about, but it never got to see the light of day. The game was being developed by Blizzard and got delayed multiple times. The last time it was planned to come out in 2014, but it never happened. While no one expected this to happen, the early Xbox build got leaked.

StarCraft Ghost game screenshot

The leaked screenshots of the game were posted in some Xbox group anonymously and then popped up on Twitter. After screenshots appeared online, a Youtuber named Leer Meneses uploaded a video of the Starcraft: Ghost gameplay in which we can see the third mission in the game. In the video, we can see that this game looks like a standard shooter from the 2000s, so it’s not surprising that it never got to the finish line. According to Meneses, the first and second missions in the game do not work as they should.

After this video appeared online, there was another video uploaded to YouTube in which we can see a different mission but the Xbox used by the uploader crashes. Right now, it’s possible to find a link to the leaked build, so it’s definitely out there.

It’s clear that we will learn more about the unreleased game in the upcoming weeks, as more people become curious. But it seems that there is nothing special to see there. Have you waited for this game to come out? Tell us what you think in the comments.