Instagram Is Removing IGTV Button

Instagram’s IGTV service shortcut will be removed from the home screen of the app. IGTV was initially launched in June 2018. While the service itself works well, it’s shortcut icon in the upper-right corner has been ignored by the majority of users. 

Better Late Than Never

According to the TechCrunch report, Instagram developers detected that the dedicated IGTV button was rarely tapped compared to other sections. It appeared that users prefer to discover long IGTV videos on the main Feed and the IGTV channel in the Explore tab. Besides, it’s available on profiles of content-makers and the IGTV app. 

This small interface change proves that Instagram gives up promoting IGTV as a standalone service. On January 10, the developer added an option to shoot long videos via the main camera module. 

No YouTube Number 2

The attempt to make IGTV, a YouTube competitor, didn’t lead Instagram to the needed result. Revenue from sponsored content and ads doesn’t satisfy most creators, so they return to the older formats of short clips and stories. What is your opinion about IGTV? Join the conversation in the comments, and don’t forget to share the article.