Bug Fails Fallen Order and WWE 2K20 Launch

Sadly for PC gamers, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and WWE 2K20 suddenly became impossible to launch. According to thousands of crash reports, both games crash soon after the launch. While there’s no response from Electronic Arts and 2K, the versions of the reasons vary.

Current Crash Reason Versions

The first reason for the issue could be the Denuvo anti-tamper module. On the other hand, other games, including Monster Hunter World, and Code Vein, run Denuvo without issues. Later, players figured out that Denuvo anti-tamper tech couldn’t affect the games. WWE 2K20 uses Steamworks, showing that the problem is different.

Temporary Solution

Hopefully, 2K Games and Respawn are working on patches at the moment. Until then, you can try to reinstall the game or go to settings and change the date to the previous day. If the issue remains, wait for the patch or play on a different platform. 

Do you face the launch issues in Fallen Order and WWE 2K20? Go to the comments section below and tell us about the solutions you tried. The article will be updated when the official solution will come, so share the article with other players, who face the error.