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Puzzles have been intriguing everyone since the advent of online games. Bejeweled Classic gaming app harnesses the potential of solving puzzles. The addition of exciting levels along with mesmerizing graphics makes this game suitable for everyone. 

Graphics 9/10

The sparkling display tends to captivate the player for an indefinite period. The developers have emphasized on the graphics to deliver an immersive experience to the users. The gems glitter in prominent shades. 
Bejeweled Classic incorporates the retina display technology to boost the game graphics. While the fundamental concept of the game remains the same, the attractive graphics surely allure the gamer.  The shades changes with the different game modes. 

Sound 8/10 

Bejeweled Classic gaming app incorporates commendable music scores pertaining to particular game modes. Although the music sounds same in all the game modes, it is quite unique. The player will not get distracted by the sound. Instead, it will help in increasing concentration level. 

In the Lightning mode, the music track alters from soothing to happening towards the end of the game. In the Zen mode, the motive is to calm the tensed mind of the player with a relaxing sound. 

Gameplay 9/10

There are a total of seven gameplay modes in Bejeweled Classic. Each game mode is developed around a theme. It ensures that the gaming experience is not restricted at all. 

The player needs to make a sequence of similar gems. These can be either in a sequence of three or four in a straight line. The L and T shaped sequence are also acceptable. The multi directional approach simplifies the game as the player is not bound to a specific direction. 

There are special gems like Flame Gems, Star Gems, Hypercubes, and Supernova that can be transferred to the next game level. As you complete the sequences one by one, you will accumulate points, indicated in the lower section of the screen.

The seven different gaming modes are – Classic, Lightning, Diamond Mine, Zen, Butterflies, Ice Storm, and Poker. Each game mode depicts a different mood and game setting. As you progress in the game, you will earn Bejeweled badges and achievements for your spectacular performances. 

Lasting Appeal 9/10

As mentioned earlier, Bejeweled Classic is an evergreen puzzle game that has stood the test of time. It attracts the old and the young alike. Bejeweled Classic is a popular game around the globe. 

You can compete with your friends or against other competitors. Prove your worth by garnering maximum scores. Beat your own personal scores by improvising in the different game modes of Bejeweled Classic. The combination of simplicity and fascinating game modes boost the appeal of the game. 

The Verdict

If high-end tactical games are not your cup of tea, you can cherish the simplicity of Bejeweled Classic. Whether you are traveling or spending some moments in leisure, you can always sharpen your analytical skills with Bejeweled Classic.
The Zen mode in the game aims at providing relaxation to the gamers. The setting of different game modes is the essence of the game. The basic concept of solving the puzzles, accumulating points, and ranking amongst the top competitors intrigues the gamer.

Spend your leisure time by completing gems sequence in the infamous Bejeweled Classic game. This is an ideal game for every type of person.  


  • Compatible with Android 4.1 and above smartphones Regularly updated Doesn’t consume extensive device memory


  • In-app purchases to unlock all the levels in the game Minor technical glitches should be addressed
Graphics 9
Sound 8
Gameplay 9
Lasting Appeal 9
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