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User’s can ask fun questions for a laugh, or more serious questions to get pertinent information in an instant. The app allows users to generate their own expressive sayings on their Amazon Alexa device, and then send it to their friends in a snap. Users can also type out their questions and get a response from Alexa, without having to say anything out loud at all.  

Users can get a rise out of their Alexa Dot or Echo device by asking it funny queries and read out quotes aloud, for an enthusiastic answer from their Alexa device. The device boasts a capability of answering from a database of over 170 unique questions, that Alexa has very entertaining answers for. Users can enjoy having the Ask Amazon Alexa app at their next party or function, because friends can take turns trying to figure out what Alexa will respond to anything you ask. This app is compatible for Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo and Amazon Dot devices to get the party started.

Usability 10/10

The Ask Amazon Alexa app is a breeze to use for people of all ages and technical skill levels. The App is conveniently located, and a simple tap gets your Alexa device to speak up in response to any question you can throw at it.  The interface is easy to navigate, with a main page that organizes all of the functions of the app for a user-friendly experience. Users simply get the app and they’re ready to go, without any additional set-up process to follow.

Cross-Platform Use 7/10

The Amazon Ask Alexa app is available for use with Amazon Echo, Dot and Alexa devices for a range of possibilities.

The Verdict

The Ask Amazon Alexa app is a user-friendly interface that adds more functionality and excitement to the Amazon Alexa, Echo and Dot devices, and allows for a more interactive user experience.

An entertaining software that works with Amazon Alexa, Dot and Echo devices to add another layer of entertainment.

Interface and Design 8
Key Functions 8
Usability 10
Cross-platform use 7
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